SAC Standing Committee Report October 2003

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
October 10, 2003

SAC is excited to report increasing student participation on this committee. All centers and programs have student representation and include students committed to being active on this committee. Our last meeting was a face-to-face meeting in Saratoga Springs on October 2, 2003. SAC is working on three main areas this academic year:

Academic Integrity: The committee met with APLPC and GSC at the governance retreat concerning the academic integrity policy. It was agreed that SAC would further explore the proactive and educational elements of informing and educating students on these issues. A sub-committee has been formed and is currently in the process of gathering current resources and practices across the college.

Regional Student Recognition: Both honors program proposals remain in their respective committees awaiting revisions. SAC has developed a sub-committee to develop a regional student recognition event proposal for the fall of 2004. Our goal is to pilot a collaboration among the downstate centers/units bringing students together to showcase their academic work which will be multi-disciplinary; embracing both academic research and the creative arts. In addition, the committee is developing a proposal to encourage informal recognition in the form of notes to students for outstanding academic achievement, service to the college, community service, overcoming adversity and student achievement.

College Student and Academic Support Services Inventory: This is a carry-over from the 2002-2003 governance year. SAC has developed a draft to inventory academic support services (i.e. writing centers, math tutoring). A sub-committee has been developed to finalize the inventory.

The next SAC newsletter has been submitted for print. This edition, which we anticipate will be sent in November, includes three student-written submissions.

SAC has appointed Lore Westcott, Genesee Valley student representative, as the liaison to ETC. Sylvia Carter, Long Island student representative, is serving as the liaison to the Alumni Federation Board of Governors.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy J. Tweedy

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