SAC Standing Committee Report December 2004

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
December 10, 2004

The Student Affairs Committee had a conference call on September 17 which focused primarily on the sub-committee work being done in the committees. The committee met in Saratoga on October 28 to discuss front porch, mission and calendar. The committee had another conference call November 18 to discuss sub-committee work and academic calendar.

The committee strongly believes students need a voice in the term calendar proposal process. SAC's position on this proposal is that the college needs to be committed to gathering student input.

The theme has been developed for the Student All College conference and the new Marriott hotel has been secured for November 4-5, 2005.

"Transforming Experiences: Expanding the Community of Scholars"

As an institution, one of our strengths has always been the value placed on shared scholarship in a dispersed environment. The annual All College conference has provided such an opportunity for the faculty, professional staff and support staff. The 2005 Student All-College Conference will expand our community by bringing together students to contribute, question and further their roles as scholars. That in and of itself will be a transforming experience, not only for the students who attend, but also for the college itself. This conference will be a public recognition and celebration of the knowledge students bring to Empire State College, their academic and intellectual achievements while here, and their own transformative experiences of becoming scholars.

The students assisting students' main focus is improving communication between SAC and students. Possible options include using communications managements to have contact with students. In addition, the sub-committee will be developing an information sheet for students who do not have computers about how to buy reconditioned computers and access free email.

Lore Westcott, student Co-Chair, recently attended the SUNY student assembly conference.


The committee continues to have ongoing dialogue about the goals presented by the front porch committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Lore Westcott, SAC Co-Chair
Amy Tweedy, SAC Co-Chair

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