SAC Standing Committee Report March 24, 2004

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
March 24, 2004

The Student Affairs Committee had an in-person meeting on February 22, 2004.

SAC put forth a recommendation to Bill and Dennis that all students be charged the $75 technology fee, rather than differentiating between quarter-time non-matriculated students and the rest of the student body. This recommendation was accepted.

The College Student and Academic Support Services Inventory was unveiled in near final form. This survey will be sent to each Empire State College location in April. The survey is designed to inventory current services in response to the strategic plan goal of providing consistent statewide services. The survey covers what academic services are offered such as math, writing, reading, library skills, research skills, computer skills and study skills assistance. In addition, it covers student services such as assistance to students with financial aid, technology, career services, disability services and multicultural support services. The results will be shared with the Front Porch Committee to help inform their work.

The committee discussed representation at the SUNY assembly. We have not been heavily involved in past years due to the relevance of the student agenda. However, due to concerns about tuition and student assessment, we felt it was an appropriate time to explore our involvement again. One student SAC representative expressed interest in participating in this governance structure.

The academic honesty sub-committee continues its work to develop recommendations for the college in a proactive and educational approach in discussing and informing students of this important topic. We took an opportunity at the meeting to ask the SAC student representatives their experiences around academic honesty issues in their own educational career and discovered a wide variance of responses. The information collected will be used to inform a program at All College by Joyce Howland about academic honesty from a student perspective.

The informal student recognition sub-committee presented a cover letter and three sample letters to the committee for review and feedback. The sub-committee is currently in the process of soliciting feedback from selected Deans. The goal is to present this option to the Dean Council in hopes of incorporating this practice into their daily responsibilities. The three main topics covered include recognizing students for community service, perseverance and academic excellence.

The regional student recognition sub-committee reported on their progress in developing a three region conference for students. As the conversation progressed, the Student Affairs Committee determined there is a need for an opportunity for students to present their work. As such, we are proposing a state-wide student conference for April 2005.

The committee began a conversation about the goals and purpose of the Front Porch Committee. Copies of the submitted grant were distributed. Our next conference call will focus on SAC student feedback and recommendations to the initiative.

The deadline for submission to the spring 2004 SAC newsletter was March 15, 2004. Expected distribution will be May 15. Some unit locations noted they did not receive copies of the fall newsletter. In addition, we will be requesting copies for the coordinating center for the upcoming issue.

The committee discussed replacing students whose term is ending on the Student Affairs Committee. The committee remains committed to the critical importance of student involvement. As such, the committee is developing information to be shared with prospective student representatives that details the mission and current work of the committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Tweedy

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