SAC Standing Committee Report October 2005

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
October 14, 2005

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) had a conference call in September, our first call since the Governance Retreat in July.

During this call, the Student All College Conference subcommittee updated SAC on the progress of the conference, scheduled for November 4 and 5 in Saratoga Springs. As of today, we have 58 registrations for the conference from across centers, with 24 presentations occurring over the course of the conference. SAC is quite pleased with the response from both students and administration, and are grateful to the President's Office for funding the attendance of two representatives from each center.

The members of SAC have requested more information about the process of awarding scholarships at the college. We are planning to invite members of the Student Financial Services Office to attend our in-person meeting in November, in order to present further information on this process and to answer our questions.

During our governance meeting, SAC discussed the implementation of the college calendar and brainstormed a number of ideas to assist students, faculty and professionals in becoming more aware of the impending calendar. It was reported that the ideas were taken into consideration by the Calendar Implementation Committee. We are also checking to make sure that the student representatives of SAC have access to the CIP Discussion Database.

SAC has also been asked to provide feedback on the current MyESC format to SAC representative Audrey Lynch (GVC), who is on the MyESC Portal subcommittee.

The fall issue of the SAC Newsletter is slated to be sent out to all students soon.

SAC also instituted a practice of allowing the student members of our committee to engage in discussions separate from the center SAC representatives. Student members felt that this would allow them to speak more freely and get to know each other better. During this past phone call, the student representatives discussed the proposed changes in graduation ceremonies, which led to adding the item to the agenda for our next conference call, scheduled for October 26. Our plan is to present feedback to the President's Office quite soon after the call. Our fall in-person meeting is schedule for November 15 at the Northeast Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Egan and Lore Westcott, co-chairs

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