SAC Standing Committee Report March 2006

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
March 22, 2006

Student All College Conference – The Student All College Conference subcommittee continues its planning for the 2006 conference – November 3-4, 2006 at the Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Springs. SAC has decided that it will continue to provide primary direction and guidance for the conference content and shape, but the Office of Enrollment Management has agreed to provide administrative support. The Conference subcommittee presented a workshop at the employee All College.

SAC Newsletter – our spring issue, due to be distributed in late April, will include the following articles:

  • a notification about FERPA
  • an article by NEC student Michelle Buffardi about her experience at the Student All College
  • an overview of the different residencies offered across the college
  • an update on the academic calendar/online registration implementation
  • profiles of some of the student SAC members
  • a listing of the dates of center graduation ceremonies
  • an article about the process of awarding scholarships

Academic Calendar Implementation – SAC continues to provide our administrative liaison, Tai Arnold, with feedback on the calendar implementation plans, specifically in regards to the ways in which students are informed of the academic calendar. The online registration process will be presented to the committee at our face-to-face meeting in early April.

Student-to-Student Communication – during our next conference call (March 15, 2006), SAC plans to begin discussion means by which students can connect and communicate with each other more effectively and more regularly.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Egan, Co-Chair
Lore Westcott, Co-Chair

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