SAC Standing Committee Report March 2007

Student Affairs Committee
Report to the Senate
March 27, 2007

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) held a conference call on February 13, 2007.

Old Business for this conference call included discussions about the Students Assisting Students subcommittee and the Student All College Conference. The Students Assisting Students subcommittee is currently inactive; future membership changes are to be discussed at SAC’s in-person meeting in April. SAC members shared feedback from their Centers about the possible future site rotation of the Student All College Conference; the Genesee Valley Center has expressed an interest in hosting the conference in 2009.

The Co-chairs reported that the Senate unanimously approved SAC’s two resolutions in February. SAC will be discussing further details of developing a college-wide student online community, and establishing guidelines for student clubs/organizations at the April meeting. SAC will then work with college administration and Centers on planning and implementation.

New Business included Part I of a report from Tai Arnold (OAA) regarding a revision of the Student Conduct Policy and Procedures, and the Involuntary Withdrawal process. She also defined the role of Pat Myers as college judicial officer. As work on the revisions is finalized, more information will be shared with SAC. The Co-chairs called for two student volunteers to attend the SUNY Student Assembly Conference in April (one student will be representing the college at this event). There was also a discussion about SAC’s Student Activity Fee (SAF) proposal to be submitted at the end of March. The proposal will include funding requests for the Student All College Conference, the SAC Newsletter, lunches for SAC in-person meetings and tote bags for SAC student representatives.

The SAC student representative to ETC reported on technology concerns surrounding the ANGEL instant message capability (college computers needing Windows XP), and faculty concerns about the e-mail quota.

The Newsletter Subcommittee reported that they expected to receive the remaining Spring 2007 newsletter articles during the week of February 20. The newsletter is to be published in April.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen LaBarge (CDL), Faculty/Staff Co-Chair
Mary Refermat (CDL), Student Co-Chair

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