SAC Standing Committee Report May 2007

Student Affairs Committee
Report to the Senate
May 24, 2007

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) held a conference call on March 13, 2007 and an in-person meeting on April 17, 2007 at the Northeast Center. The SAC student representatives held a small get-together prior to the April meeting to discuss student ideas/concerns.

SAC identified scheduling conflicts as being one of the major reasons for the lack of student attendance on conference calls and at meetings. Alternate times and days will be considered for the next schedule. A resolution was tabled concerning graduation ceremonies being open to all students at all locations so that graduates have the option of attending a ceremony closest to their home. Graduation coordinators at each center will be contacted in order to gather more information about center procedures.

Tai Arnold (OAA) discussed the proposed changes to the Student Conduct Policy and Involuntary Withdrawal Procedure, and SAC members provided input. Emergency planning relating to the Student Conduct Policy is a concern of the group. SAC sent the following resolution to the Senate: “That the college develop protocols/drills/training for responding to emergencies with a plan to implement and monitor at each location.”

Penny Baker (CGP) attended The SUNY Student Assembly Conference and provided a detailed report about her experience.

Guests at the April in-person meeting included: Kelly Hermann, who spoke about the Front Porch initiative, the new Director of Academic Support positions, and disabilities services at the college; Steve Simon and Nancy Saari from CLT, who presented the ANGEL online course management system; and Maureen Winney from the Office of Alumni and Student Relations, who talked about the Student Activity Fee (SAF) procedures. Discussion ensued about development of online communities and guidelines for student clubs. Maureen and Tai will be meeting about these topics and sharing their feedback with the group.

Newsletter Subcommittee:

The spring edition of the SAC Newsletter was to be mailed to students during the week of May 14, 2007. A suggestion was made to change the timing of the newsletter to summer and winter instead of spring and fall, which coincides with the printing of other big projects such as graduation programs. Ideas to increase college-wide student involvement in the newsletter were discussed.


Penny Baker (CGP) shared meeting minutes from January and March meetings.

Student All College Conference Subcommittee:

A flyer was created for the conference announcing the proposal due date of September 1, and the registration date of October 1. The subcommittee met just prior to the April SAC meeting and reviewed tasks. More information about the conference can be found at

Respectfully submitted,

Karen LaBarge (CDL), Faculty/Staff Co-Chair
Mary Refermat (CDL), Student Co-Chair

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