SAC Standing Committee Report December 2010

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
December 17, 2010

The Student Affairs Committee met via conference call on November 18, 2010. The following is an update:

Student Academic Conference - Best attended STAC conference ever. A great success. Next year's conference will be in White Plains at the same location. Date set is October 14/15, 2011.

Diversity Committee - SAC co-chairs, Colleen and Anthony, did a poster session giving an overview of SAC at the Student Academic Conference. A Diversity survey was also distributed to students. Diversity workshops for students are being discussed and designed. We have requested to do a presentation at next year's STAC.

Communications - The committee is working with college administration on the issues involved in getting e-mail addresses for student SAC members. There is now a SAC Angel space. We can have discussions, post meeting and other dates and keep important documents here. All SAC members now have access to this Angel site.

Newsletter - A student has come forward to be the editor of the newsletter and there are 2 other student volunteers. There are 20 newsletter ideas ready to go. Deadline for first articles is Dec. 5 and publishing will begin December 15.

Student Engagement - Flyers and information were handed out to students at STAC. Central and NFC did career nights and distributed information and student reps were there to meet and give information to students.

Student Art Award - Faculty will receive information soon so they can add this to January and March learning contracts. The flyer will be coming out end of December and information will be in MYESC for students at that time also. Submissions begin in February and continue through May, 2011.

New Business

Health Insurance

Judith Carton from Collegiate Insurance Resources gave an overview of her company and what health insurance options they have available for our students. There are still questions that need to be answered. Judith will also look into designing a program with more options. More information will be coming.

Governance Scholarships

These have been approved for this year. All student Governance representatives will receive a letter letting them know they will receive a free course (3-credit for Graduate and 4-credit for Undergraduate).

Graduate Fee Increase and Technology Fee

A concern was brought from the students about the magnitude of the Graduate fee increase. Also, questions arose regarding how the increase in the Technology fee was being used. This is being investigated with college administration.

Respectfully submitted: Anthony Falco, Student co-chair and Colleen Reedy, Staff co-chair

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