SAC Standing Committee Report October 2010

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
October 8, 2010

The Student Affairs Committee had their first face-to-face meeting on September 27, 2010. This year’s SAC working groups have had conference calls and one face-to-face meeting to date and the work continues. The following is an update of work groups:


  • Web casting – Looking at broadcasting meetings through Elluminate.
  • ANGEL Site for SAC - An ANGEL site will be created for SAC to host Elluminate links to meetings, reports, get feedback from students, share materials, have a PowerPoint, videos, archive and recruit committee members. It will also have a protected portion for SAC members only.
  • College Email addresses for SAC Members - Looking into creating a “center rep email” that will be forwarded to home email addresses.
  • PowerPoint - A PowerPoint about SAC will be created for the website.
  • Electronic Newsletter – Currently seeking interested participants. Pat Myers will get the first newsletters going. The committee generated a list of articles and theme ideas for future newsletters.
  • Website – Work will begin on updating SAC website.

Diversity: Committee will have a table at STAC informally talking to students about continuing to infuse diversity into all aspects of student life. Also, will work on formal presentations and timelines for next year’s STAC.

Student Engagement: A model will be developed that each center can use to hold an event to attract with the goal of getting students more involved in the college and to learn about and get involved in SAC.

Poster Competition: The results are in for the 2010 Empire State College Poster Competition!
1st Prize: "Plant an Urban Farm Garden" a linoleum cut by Alejandra Delfin
2nd Prize: "Crowning Achievement" by Claudia Rocha -Van Holt
3rd Prize: "Abstract" by Daniel H. Lee

*The winning students will receive their awards at the Student Academic Conference.

Student Academic Conference (STAC): Over 190 students have registered to date with representation from every center and International programs. Guest speaker and ESC graduate, Melba Tolliver, will be keynote speaker. President Davis will be present and SAC co-chairs (Falco and Reedy) will do a poster presentation on SAC.

Respectfully submitted: Anthony Falco, Student Co-Chair and Colleen Reedy, Staff Co-Chair

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