SAC Standing Committee Report December 2011

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
December 1-2, 2011

The Student Affairs Committee held their full committee face-to-face meeting in White Plains, NY on October 14th, 2011. The entire committee then attended the 7th Annual StAC Conference immediately following the meeting. This year's SAC working subcommittees held break-out meetings during the full committee meeting. The following is an update of working subcommittees, plans and progress:

Student Engagement

  • The committee decided not to hold an election night event for 2011, but instead to focus on the 2012 election. An event date of November 1, 2012 has been saved on the college-wide calendar and coincides with “non-traditional students week.”
  • The election night event will include at least one main speaker and possibly a panel of speakers and will utilize the colleges’ video conferencing equipment so that all Centers can participate.
  • Coordination and logistics for this event will take place throughout the year via monthly conference calls.
  • Event topics to include (but are not limited to):
    • The importance of voting
    • Definition of the electoral college
    • Overview of the various levels of government, and the roles that each plays in an election
    • Possible voter registration table
    • Information session regarding various national leagues and groups that encourage informed and active participation in government
  • The committee will be requesting funds through the SAF

The Student Connection Newsletter

  • College is now contracting with students so that students can get paid for their articles. The student needs to agree to a certain number of articles within a specified time frame… (more information to come)
  • Danielle has added a stationary “SAC Corner” to the Newsletter interface and will be updating it with SAC related articles on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Committee members have been assigned to write a variety of SAC related articles

Financial Literacy

  • The committee has been doing research about the financial resources that are currently available to the student body. The committee has found that there are many financial resources offered by the college, the biggest challenge is getting students to understand how important financial literacy is
  • Kristina Delbridge (Director of Financial Aid) and Tim Minahan (SAC student co-chair) on October 15th at 11:00am. The presentation went VERY well and was well attended
  • Tim Minahan will be preparing Financial Literacy articles for the Student Connection Newsletter

Health Insurance & Benefits Program (in depth)

  • The college’s health insurance contract is now officially in place
  • The plan starts January 1, 2012 but the insurance company will accept earlier applications for students who are in desperate need
  • There are currently 5,763 students eligible
  • Students must be taking six or more credits (at the time of insurance enrollment), live in New York, Pennsylvania or New Jersey and must take at least one Regional Center study during the coverage year to be eligible for the plan. The graduate residency counts as the one Regional Center study
  • The committee is advocating very strongly for online students. Online student that are registered for at least one face-to-face study are eligible for the plan
  • Cost to the college is zero.
  • The cost to the student is $121.16/mo
  • The insurance provider is not offering a catastrophic plan as our offering is on a voluntary basis
  • We were also able to negotiate an alternative medicine for $29/year for all students
  • There are no stipulations to meet for this benefit.
    Important need to know items:
    • deductible $150 preferred provider and $250 for non-preferred
    • In-patient surgery $5,000 maximum.
    • Outpatient surgery $5,000 maximum.
    • X-rays & Labs $950 maximum.
    • Prescription Drugs $700 maximum.
    • Psychotherapy 10 days per year.
  • The website is live at

SUNY Faculty Senate – Discovery: An Undergraduate Showcase

  • Will be held February 29, 2012
  • Pat Myers is working to secure funding to send ESC students to the exhibition
  • Announcements have gone out to the student body and to instructors
  • A committee has been assembled to review student proposals
  • SAC reps that are aware of students that might be interested, should direct them to contact Pat Myers

Respectfully submitted: Tim Minahan, Student Co-Chair and Amy Costantino, Staff Co-Chair

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