Student Affairs Committee Report to Senate September 2011

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
September 23, 2011

The Student Affairs Committee had their first full committee conference call for the year on September 6, 2011. This year's SAC working subcommittees held conference calls during the month of August and plan to meet via conference call on a monthly basis. The following is an update of working subcommittees, plans and progress:

Student Engagement

  • The committee has been researching different events offered by various Centers across the college and has decided to move forward with an election night event.
  • This decision was made based on the success of an election night event at the Genesee Valley Center and also based on general interest.
  • The committee has decided to hold the event prior to election night.
  • The plan is to approach an event of this nature very neutrally. Topics of discussion would include (but are not limited to) education about the election process, community involvement in elections...etc.
  • The committee has decided to treat the proposed election night event as a pilot. After the event and the success of the event has been reviewed, the committee may put forward a proposal to make this an annual event (possibly doing a larger event for the Presidential election next year).
  • The committee will likely have two or three Centers host speakers for the event and broadcast the speakers, via video conferencing, to the other Centers. This will make it possible for all Centers to be involved and engaged in the discussion.
  • The committee continues to research and brainstorm regarding the creation of a Student Ambassadors Program.

The Student Connection Newsletter

  • The committee has decided to develop a “SAC Corner” for the Newsletter. The SAC Corner will highlight members of SAC and also report out on initiatives, accomplishments, etc.
  • Amy Costantino has submitted an article for the Newsletter. The article is a general overview about SAC and what we do.
  • Danielle Clum (NEC SAC representative and Student Connection Newsletter Editor) plans to feature the StAC conference both before the conference, as well as after the conference.
  • Student SAC representatives will be acting as Newsletter reporters during the StAC conference and will be responsible for writing articles.
  • New issues of the Newsletter will continue to be posted on a weekly basis.

Financial Literacy

  • The committee has been doing research about the financial resources that are currently available to the student body. The committee has found that there are many financial resources offered by the college, the biggest challenge is getting students to understand how important financial literacy is.
  • Based on their research, the committee will determine what holes need to be filled with regards to financial literacy and will decide what types of workshops need to be provided.
  • Kristina Delbridge (Director of Financial Aid) will be presenting at the StAC conference in October. Her presentation will include tips for managing financial aid while in college, and beyond. Kristina asked if a subcommittee member would be willing to present with her, Timothy Minahan (SAC Student co-chair) agreed to do so.
  • The committee is planning a conference call with Kristina sometime this month.
  • The committee is also planning to write articles for the Newsletter that highlight the financial resources that are available at the college.

StAC Conference

  • As of September 6, 2011, 144 students have registered for the conference.
  • The draft conference schedule has been posted on the website (
  • The committee is planning to record much of the conference, including presentations and interviews with students.
  • The committee has received 48 presentation proposals and will be meeting soon to determine which proposal will be approved, as they have received more proposals than there are time slots available.
  • There will be a SAC info table at the conference.
  • Amy Costantino and Tim Minahan will be doing a poster session highlighting SAC at the StAC Conference. Amy and Tim will also be issuing a student survey at the conference (topic TBD).
  • The winners of the Student Art Award have been decided and will be announced at the conference.

Health Insurance

  • The health insurance for students will begin on January 1, 2012.
  • The program will offer a full coverage option.
  • There was only one carrier willing to work with a voluntary program for our students.
  • Unfortunately, at this time on-line students will not be accepted by the carrier.
  • The program will be open to all students who are carrying more than six credits, are residents of New York, New Jersey or Philadelphia and are registered through a regional center.
  • Pat Myers is advocating with the insurance company to expand the program to on-line students in year two.

Respectfully submitted: Tim Minahan, Student Co-Chair and Amy Costantino, Staff Co-Chair

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