Subcommittee Report 2012 Feb

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
  February 2012

The Student Affairs Committee will hold their full committee conference call on Feb. 6, 2012. The following is an update of working subcommittees, plans and progress.

Student Engagement

  • Coordination and logistics for the collegewide election event have been taking place throughout the year via monthly conference calls.
  • Nov. 1, 2012 has been saved for the election event on the college-wide calendar and coincides with “non-traditional students week.”
  • The Election event will include at least one main speaker and possibly a panel of speakers and will utilize the colleges’ video conferencing equipment so that all Centers can participate.
  • Event topics to include (but are not limited to):
    • The importance of voting
    • Definition of the electoral college
    • Overview of the various levels of government, and the roles that each plays in an election
    • Possible voter registration table
    • Information session regarding various national leagues and groups that encourage informed and active participation in government
  • The committee will be requesting funds through the SAF.

The Student Connection Newsletter

  • CDL student SAC representative Sandra Barkevich is now the student editor for the Student Connection Newsletter. Danielle Clum is now serving as the assistant editor.
  • The College is now contracting with students so that students can be paid for their articles. We currently have four committed student writers. LIC student SAC representative Vickie Pepe is one of the committed student writers.
  • Since our last meeting, SAC members have posted multiple articles (for e.g., SAC Recognizes Student Services, 2011 Student Academic Conference: Student Art Competition, 2011 Student Academic Conference: Two Students from Center for International Programs, Humeyra Bostan and Altina Bssimi).
  • The fourth creative issue, “The Student Voice” was published Jan. 23, 2012.
  • Currently an “Article Submission Guideline” document is being drafted. This will be included on the website.
  • An auto response email is being drafted as a “bounce-back” for emails sent to
  • Committee is looking into different ways to organize archived articles.
  • Newsletter will now be published bi-weekly.
  • SAC members are continuing to support the development of the Newsletter.

Financial Literacy

  • Tim Minahan will be preparing Financial Literacy articles for the Student Connection Newsletter.
  • The committee continues to research financial resources that are currently available to the student body.
  • Based on their research, the committee will determine what holes need to be filled with regards to financial literacy and will decide what types of workshops need to be provided, this will be done in consultation with Kristina Delbridge.

SUNY Faculty Senate – Discovery: An Undergraduate Showcase

  • Will be held Feb. 29, 2012. A note has gone out to students and instructors asking interested student to submit their proposals.
  • We had six students submit proposals to participate in the showcase.
  • The committee decided on two student proposals and offered some suggestions to help the students improve their posters.
  • Janine Carchidi's poster is titled "Advocacy by Design" and is creatively based and her mentor is Martha Jean Schecter. Janine is a CDL student who lives in Accord, N.Y.
  • Veronica Baiamont's poster is titled 'Developing an assessment rubric to evaluate digital and media literacy activities' and was developed for her Capstone with her mentor Nicola Martinez. Veronica is also a CDL student from Denver, Colo.
  • Both students will be attending and presenting at the symposium.

Collegewide Earth Week Clothing Drive

  • SAC is considering sponsoring and organizing a college-wide clothing drive during Earth Week.
  • The full committee will discuss this at our Feb. 6, 2012 conference call.

Respectfully submitted:

Tim Minahan, Student Co-Chair and Amy Costantino, Staff Co-Chair

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