Standing Committee Report 2012 May

Student Affairs Committee
Report to Senate
May 2012

The Student Affairs Committee will hold elections for the 2012-2013 governance year within the next few weeks. The following is an update of working subcommittees, plans and progress.

Student Engagement

  • Coordination and logistics for the college-wide election event have been taking place throughout the year via monthly conference calls.
  • The committee has decided to change the event date from Nov. 1 to Oct. 2. This new date has been saved on the collegewide calendar. The reason for this change is to give students time to register to vote. The deadline to register to vote in the November 2012 election is Oct. 9.
  • The committee is planning to include student presenters in this event.
  • The committee has narrowed the program to four major topics:
    • Voter behavior
    • Why vote?
    • Suffrage
    • Media influence
  • Pat Myers is requesting SAF funds for each center so that refreshments can be provided at the event.
  • Pat Myers and her crew have put together an event publicity timeline to encourage students to register to vote and to inform them of the election event. This timeline illustrates the objectives of the event, as well as the time and method of delivery of information.

The Student Connection Newsletter

  • CDL student SAC representative Sandra Barkevich is now the student editor for the Student Connection Newsletter. Danielle Clum is now serving as the assistant editor.
  • The College is now contracting with students so that students can be paid for their articles. We currently have four committed student writers. LIC student SAC representative Vickie Pepe is one of the committed student writers.
  • Committed writers will have their bios on the Newsletter Homepage and are expected to write three articles per month, per the contract.
  • Currently an “Article Submission Guideline” document is being drafted. This will be included on the website.
  • The committee is brainstorming about different ways to organize archives.
  • The committee is discussing the possibility of using pod casts in future editions of the newsletter.

Financial Literacy

  • The committee has been discussing the idea of partnering with local companies that offer financial literacy programs.
  • The committee recently met with Kristina Delbridge to talk about topics for financial literacy based articles and pod casts for the newsletter. Some topics they have decided on include credit scores, financial lingo etc.
  • The committee is also discussing the idea of creating a financial literacy mentoring program for students.

Collegewide Earth Week Clothing Drive

  • SAC sponsored a voluntary collegewide clothing drive during Earth Week (Apr. 16-21).
  • The organization that sponsored this initiative is SUSTAINU. SUSTAINU is a clothing company focused on changing the way clothes are made (by creating 100% recycled apparel) to improve the environment. Colleges across the U.S. were asked to participate.
  • A number of regional centers and CDL encouraged students and staff to donate gently used clothing to a charity of their choice. Participants then reported the total weight of donations (in pounds) to the individual who was assigned to head up the event. Many centers provided a box to collect donations centrally and deliver the donation to a local charity on behalf of the center.
  • So far, ESC has donated over three-quarters of a ton of clothing and textiles to benefit the Salvation Army, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the YWCA.

Health and Wellness Update

  • Information about the Health & Wellness program can be found on the new Student Services website.
  • Some of the services that are available to students through the health and wellness plan include the availability of health insurance for our students through USI Affinity Collegiate Insurance Resources, Talk One-2-One Counseling Service, various health and wellness related workshops (information about these workshops will be distributed when it becomes available), financial counseling, legal counseling and more.
  • Communication about the Health & Wellness program is available on the website but will also be sent to student via emails blasts and will be featured in the newsletter.

Health Insurance Update

  • As of Mar. 28, 2012, 20 students have enrolled in health insurance program.
  • Information about the health insurance plan is available at the new Student Services website

Respectfully submitted:

Tim Minahan, Student Co-Chair and Amy Costantino, Staff Co-Chair

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