ESC Alert


The college has instituted a collegewide alert system to enable timely, single-source notifications to all parties affected by an emergency situation in or around college locations. The system is designed to deliver large volumes of email and text messages (for those who opt to enroll their mobile device) in a condensed period of time. ESC Alert is powered by Rave Mobile Safety

Accounts for all current faculty, staff and students have been automatically generated. Updates to primary information such as name, contact email address and college home location are periodically synchronized with the system. ESC Alert uses information from the college's student information system, Datatel, as the source data. To update account information, follow the instructions on the Update My Account page in MyESC.

Important Notes About ESC Alert

  • Do not modify your profile in the system, as it is tied to your college account. Any changes to your profile information may cause duplication of accounts. To update your profile information follow the instructions on the Update My Account page in MyESC.
  • You can add email accounts and cellphones on the Devices tab in ESC Alert.
  • It is important to remember that the college is not responsible for any charges and/or data usage on a cellphone or mobile-ready device related to this notification service. If you add a device to receive text messages, or you use your device to receive email from this notification service, and your data plan does not provide unlimited texting or data usage, you may encounter extra charges on your monthly cellphone bill.
  • People may opt in to various public notification groups at any time. However, they will not be able to opt out of emergency notifications sent by the college.
    • All students who have enrolled in at least one study at the college in the last three years (from Aug. 30 of the current year) are enrolled in hidden emergency alert groups based upon home location.
    • Faculty and staff have their college email assigned as the primary email in the system. As noted above, there is an option to add more Internet email addresses to your account.
    • Hidden groups are used for the notification of current faculty, staff and students about incidents for which the college has a legal obligation to inform recipients within a reasonable period of time.
  • Accounts are removed from the system once a year in August. There is a possibility that individuals may receive an alert even if they are no longer affiliated with the college.
  • See the service desk knowledgebase article, "ESC Alert Instructions," for more information and detailed instructions on ESC Alert. [Note: college login is required to access the service desk.]

Empire State College community members may register individually for the free service.

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