SUNY Empire Alert

The SUNY Empire Alert System powered by Everbridge provides notifications and guidance to the college community for instances including crisis management, public warnings, weather alerts, and other situations.

Everbridge incorporates your information from SUNY Empire's Self-Service Banner and will automatically send alerts to your college-affiliated email address. However, if you would like to receive notifications on your personal cell phone, or at any additional email address or device, please visit your Everbridge Mass Notification account where you can update your information and opt-in to receive text messages.

You will also receive updates specific to your college location based on the information provided by Self-Service Banner. However, you may select up to five other locations where you work (if you're an employee), attend study groups (if you're a student), take meetings, or are a regular visitor.

You may also opt-in to receive notifications about technology and system status. This will update you on any scheduled upgrades, maintenance, or outages to our information technology services.

Please see the college homepage or MyESC homepages for weather or other alerts.

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