Student Email

It is important to keep your personal email address up to date with the college. All college email sent to your college email address, which is the same as your college username account, is forwarded to your personal email address.  If you need to update your personal email address, please contact the Registrar’s Office at

The student email address/account username you receive upon admission to the college will forward all email, sent to this address, to your personal email address. On the first day of the first semester at the college you will receive an Microsoft 365 license. Once your license is active, if you would like to request your email forwarding to your personal email be suspended, in order to use your college email account in the MyESC portal or using Microsoft Outlook available with Microsoft 365, contact the IT Service Desk and submit an incident.

If you have elected to suspend mail forwarding to your personal email address, please click the following button to go directly to your M365 inbox. (Login required)

Take me to my Outlook email

If this is your first time using your college email please see below for information on your ESC email account and the options you have to configure it.

By default, your ESC email is set up as a forwarding account.

What this means is that anything sent to your student email address ( will automatically be forwarded to your personal email address that we have on file. This means that you do not have an actual "mailbox" on our system by default, and therefore cannot send outgoing mail from your ESC email address or check your college email through MyESC.

However, your student email address can still be provided for the purpose of things such as student discounts -- you will just pick up the confirmation email in your personal email inbox.

ESC does not retain any record of emails that are sent to you through your forwarding account.

Microsoft 365 - Outlook Email

As an alternative to the email forwarding account,the college also offers a full-scale email service for students through Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 becomes available on the first day of the first semester you begin taking classes. This email has a dedicated inbox from which you can send and receive emails via your college email account. The address is the same as the forwarding email address (e.g firstname_lastname### You will need to enable the dedicated email service and disable the email forwarding.

NOTICE: The ability to update certain account information such as email address or mailing address is temporarily unavailable due to system updates. If you have any issues or questions please contact the Registrar's office directly for assistance at 800-847-3000 or

Once enabled, you may check your college email from MyESC, from your Microsoft 365 Outlook account using your student email address (college username). You will have access to your email through Microsoft 365 until you are no longer active.


We’re here to help.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk, 800-847-3000, ext. 2420.