CRM: An overview

SUNY Empire’s success depends upon the relationships we establish with our students, from initial inquiry to graduation and beyond. CRM software will help us establish and cultivate these relationships at any and every point in the student lifecycle.

Our chosen CRM, Ellucian CRM, includes Recruit, Advise and Advance modules and each integrates with our key systems, enabling us to personalize communications, customize workflows and track activities, resulting in more effective recruitment and enrollment activities, better student support and retention, and cultivation of relationships with alumni and supporters.

Our new CRM system will help staff and faculty:

  • Find, engage and enroll more of the right students
  • Make faster, better decisions with integrated, consistent data
  • Gather analytics that drive admissions yield
  • Reduce time spent on data collection
  • Design, create and test email marketing campaigns

Questions? Feedback?

The project team welcomes your feedback as we advance through this transformative conversion.