ERP Project Vision and Mission


ESC’s Enterprise Resource Planning system will enable the transformation of the student experience by streamlining all points of access for student services.  It will facilitate course management, provide best of breed features and functions, deliver tools that are scalable and agile to business process needs, and ease the burden of tedious manual workloads that are transactional, less student centric and service oriented.


  1. To improve the satisfaction and experience of our students, staff, and faculty through a system that supports improved knowledge, skill, and ability in our functional offices, our portal for students, and facilitate end to end business process management and information flow.
  2. To serve the promotion of operational excellence and total quality management across the enterprise.
  3. To deliver an empowering technological solution for students, staff and faculty while eliminating overproduction, redundant systems, malinvestments in software and interfaces, and promotes secure (i.e., FERPA compliance) and system scalability for future college needs to be vetted through an enterprise information system architecture. 

Project Mission

Transforming how we do business in support of the student experience

Acknowledging the needs of the entire college and students we serve, SUNY Empire State College (ESC) has made a strategic decision to replace our 20th century enterprise software systems that have become disconnected, increasingly costly, and negating business and academic administration processes.  By re-emerging through 21st century enterprise system design and implementation, and aligning with the SUNY strategic partnership with Ellucian, an organization serving 2,400 institutions and 18 million students in 40 countries around the globe, both ESC business and academic administrative units are poised to improve operational excellence of the entire student lifecycle.  These improvements will be seen in functional offices such as recruitment, admissions, enrollment, registration, financial aid, student accounts, and advising.  The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software by Ellucian known as Banner®, has been given strong support from the Office of the New York State Comptroller, SUNY system offices, ESC leadership, faculty and staff, and is regarded as one of the highest strategic initiatives for our college.

The need for a fresh approach to total quality management

As college strategy and themes seek to cultivate an organizational community of practice for excellence in our ability to deliver high-quality education and services to our students, the nascent ERP will deliver end to end business process management, fertility for continuous process improvement, and the instantiation of best practices and compliance.  The current ERP not only lacks this functionality, but is hindering optimal efficacy of our service to students, and our ability to streamline financial aid, registration needs, course scheduling and planning, degree completion planning and auditing.  As aggregate demand from academic affairs and business services increase, our legacy systems fall short and are not scalable to supply this demand, thereby reinforcing much more manual and labor intensive knowledge, skill, and ability in functional offices and increasing risk associated with data, administrative error, and student achievement.

The nascent ERP will give students, staff, and faculty the ability to identify risks to student academic and financial aid status to make data driven decisions, in addition to empowering students with self-service ability to obtain this information in real time.  The advanced features, functionalities, and information flows will improve the student experience and satisfaction, which can be used to facilitate student retention and persistence.  It will also empower staff, management, and college leadership to more efficiently achieve key performance indicators, make data driven decisions regarding our students needs and wants, and lessen manual transactional workloads that our legacy systems currently constrain us to.


Questions? Feedback?

The project team welcomes your feedback as we advance through this transformative conversion.