Project Goals and Benefits

Project Goals

  • To improve student, alumni, staff and faculty satisfaction through a system that supports improved information gathering and reporting
  • To promote collegewide operational excellence and total quality management
  • To deliver a powerful technological solution for students, alumni, staff and faculty that eliminates redundancies and promotes secure (FERPA compliance) transactions 

Project Benefits

Everyone will benefit from an improved user experience – from the intuitive web-based interface to convenient mobile access. The project also benefits users collegewide with intuitive self-service capabilities driven by consistent information from a single database.

But there’s more: Key constituents and individual offices will also benefit. Read on for details.

Benefits to students include:

  • Plan and monitor your academic progress
  • Easy online course registration
  • 24/7 access to financial aid tools and information
  • Accelerated financial aid award notice and distribution

Benefits to advancement and alumni office include:

  • Real-time insight into how fundraising efforts are performing through reports, dashboards and analytics
  • Intuitive, logical and quick access to data to support fundraising, as well as alumni and student engagement efforts
  • Cultivate lifelong relationships with alumni and donors by engaging with timely and personalized communications
  • Streamline processes to create more efficient operations

Benefits to recruiting and admissions offices include:

  • Ability to engage with students through personalized, multi-channel communications
  • Trackable event attendance and integration of events calendars and social media
  • Support financial aid planning, award packaging, and projected tuition discounts
  • View progress toward enrollment goals through reports, dashboards, and analytics

Benefits to academic faculty and staff include: 

  • Simple online collaboration between students, faculty, and staff
  • Define academic models that support personal and professional learning activities
  • Deliver the right information and services to support teaching, learning, and research

Benefits to billing and financial aid include:

  • Real-time transactions (Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet®)
  • Up-to-the-minute account information based upon student activity
  • Send automatic alerts when students have holds on their registration

Questions? Feedback?

The project team welcomes your feedback as we advance through this transformative conversion.