February 14, 2017

Empire State College Will Be Implementing Two New Platforms

Empire State College is implementing new enterprise resource planning (ERP) and constituent relationship management (CRM) platforms. Both will improve the college’s productivity and engagement with students, but they approach this goal in two distinct ways.

What is the difference between ERP and CRM?


At the college, we will be implementing Ellucian Banner software to manage and track student records including, registration, financial aid, document grades and assessments, student engagement, tuition billing and other student-related data. Ellucian Banner is a replacement for the college’s current ERP, Ellucian Colleague.


A CRM platform tracks constituent data and interaction with the college. The college will be implementing Ellucian CRM. The CRM will help build stronger connections with prospects from inquiry on, and continue on as they apply for admissions, engage in learning and graduate to move into our alumni community.

ERP vs. CRM: The Difference

ERP handles administrative and multiple back-office processes, while a CRM focuses on the key touch points and communication with prospective students, enrolled students and alumni.

Information provided by: ESC ITS Project Management Office


Questions? Feedback?

The project team welcomes your feedback as we advance through this transformative conversion.

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