Internship Toolbox

Resources for Faculty and Students

SUNY Empire State College students are able to incorporate internships into their college degree program plan. An internship is a way to connect professional experience with personal learning goals.

Students may apply for formal internship programs established by the local, state and national governments, as well as by corporations, nonprofit organizations and colleges or universities.

Internships should be substantive learning experiences that help students develop their skills as they relate to their degree plan and career goals.

Thinking about an internship?

Please review the following eligibility requirements, documentation needed and the suggested timeline located below.

Required Documentation

The following documentation will need to be completed prior to starting an internship:

  • learning contract developed with faculty or mentor
  • completed internship registration form
  • offer letter, which includes an overview of the internship expectations, responsibilities, projects and agreed-upon hours
  • affiliation agreement/certificate of liability insurance. Please contact for the necessary paperwork regarding the affiliation agreement. She will coordinate obtaining the certificate of liability insurance.

Suggested Timeline

  • Students planning on participating in an internship should begin discussion with their primary mentor the term before to arrange for the internship.
  • Students should register no later than the second week of registration.

Find Internship Opportunities

Completed Internships

Once an internship is completed, the following forms need to be filled out:


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