Supplemental Benefits

USI Affinity Collegiate Insurance Resources is a leading provider of insurance programs and products for higher education.

The benefits listed below are available to all matriculated Empire State College students.

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Best Benefits Plan

The “Best Benefits Plan” is a group of discount products that are purchased as a package. The package includes:

  • dental care
  • vision care
  • prescription medication
  • hearing aids and supplies
  • chiropractic services
  • alternative medicine services

Membership for your immediate household for this select group of quality discount plans is provided at a total annual fee of $29.00. Upon enrollment, you will be mailed an ID card along with detailed information on each benefit.

The Best Benefits Plan is currently not available in Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Utah.

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Dental Plans

The American Dental Association says that dental problems typically fall into one of two categories: tooth decay or gum disease. Getting regular examinations and cleanings can allow your dentist to catch dental problems before they become painful and expensive to treat. We currently offer two competitive dental plans on a voluntary basis:

Option 1 — HealthPlex (Insurance Plan underwritten by Dentcare)

  • individual and family plans available
  • Delivery Systems, INC. in New York and international
  • Healthcare Services, Inc. in New Jersey

Option 2 — CIGNA Plus Savings ® Discount Plan powered by CIGNA

  • full range of dental services through participating dentists
  • individual or family enrollment
  • available in most states

The CIGNA plan is currently not available in Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

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Short-Term Major Medical Insurance

ReadyMed is affordable short-term major medical coverage that is available for 30-to 180-day periods. Students can go to any licensed medical doctor or hospital. There is no list or network of health care providers to select from. There are no copays. All covered charges apply towards the deductible. ReadyMed can fill the gap:

  • while searching for a job after graduation
  • when starting a new job, before employment benefits begin
  • when children are not eligible under parents' plans

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Travel Insurance

USI Affinity Collegiate Insurance Resources provides quality benefits to students at very competitive rates with travel insurance products for individuals, students and groups. Excellent group rates are available to students studying abroad or participating in a group travel experience within the United States.

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Renters/Personal Property Insurance

Protect your property with renters insurance. Protecting a student’s personal property is an important part of being a responsible college student and of being a mature and independent adult. In most cases, neither a landlord nor a college or a university’s insurance policy cover the student’s personal belongings if lost or stolen. Additionally, the student could be held liable if damage is done to property or if someone is hurt on the premises.

Renters insurance protects the student’s home and belongings. A common misconception is that the landlord’s or the building association’s insurance will cover the renter’s property. In reality only the landlord’s property will likely be covered and not the student/renter’s property.

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Tuition Refund Insurance

Protect your college Investment with tuition refund insurance. The costs associated with college are constantly increasing. This investment in education, like any other investment, can result in a loss when the student is forced to withdraw for medical reasons.

GradGuard Tuition Insurance, underwritten by Markel Insurance Company, is a group policy issued to College Parents of America. College Parents of America is an independent organization consisting of current and future parents of college students. GradGuard Tuition Insurance refunds the cost of: tuition, academic fees, room, board and other legitimate expenses if a student is forced to withdraw from school due to unexpected illness, injury or death.

The covered loss is calculated based on the non-refunded expenses incurred by the policy holder. GradGuard Tuition Insurance coverage includes:

  • 100 percent of covered fees due to medical disability withdrawal
  • 100 percent of covered fees due to the death of the tuition payer
  • 100 percent of covered fees due to the death of the student
  • 75 percent of covered fees due to medical disability withdrawal due to emotional, nervous or mental disorders
  • Zero percent of covered fees due to voluntary withdrawal.

Note: Tuition Insurance does not cover medical expenses or losses resulting from voluntary withdrawals not related to medical disability.

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Medical Cost Reduction Plan

MCA can reduce your medical bills; after services are performed or before services are performed (prospective negotiation services). Whether you are insured or uninsured, MCA can negotiate your charges, whether related to in-network or out-of-network, as long as your medical bill exceeds $200. MCA has more than 10 years of experience negotiating medical expenses between providers and insurance companies and brings this expertise:

  • Professional negotiators advocate for you and negotiate directly with medical providers, before or after a medical or dental procedure.
  • You can save 20-50 percent on most bills. The client saves, or the service is free.
  • There is no up-front fee.
  • Web-based services are user friendly and secure.
  • Professionals are respectful of patient/provider relationships.
  • You can track your annual savings.

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