The Student Government Association (SGA)

The mission of the SUNY Empire SGA is to ensure that the student experience at SUNY Empire is excellent.

SUNY Empire SGA accomplishes this by engaging, listening, and advocating.

  • We engage students by bringing the campus community together, hosting parties, events, and workshops.
  • We listen to the needs of constituents ensuring they are connected with the appropriate resources and support to reach their academic goals.
  • We advocate on behalf of the student body by communicating with the administration and presenting resolutions and policy recommendations to the college senate.

Important Information

Executive Board

President Elizabeth Maxwell
Vice President Matt Berge
Treasurer Rhon Glasgow
Secretary Philip Azour




Cabinet Members

Director of SGA Communications Vacant
Director of SGA Engagement Shannon Mulstay
Director of SGA Events Vacant
Director of SGA Needs Shante Griffin
Director of SGA Success Jawana Richardson
Parliamentarian Vacant
Senate Chair Destiny Ortiz
Executive Assistant Vacant








To talk to your senator or connect for committees' email

School of Allied Health & Nursing Tara Moseder 2 vacant seats
School of Arts & Humanities

Lisa Brandler

2 vacant seats

School of Business Faridys Matias Zambrana 2 vacant seats
School of Graduate Studies

Jimmy Segretto

2 vacant seats
School Human Services Amanda Udairam 2 vacant seats
School of Labor Miridia Janee Gibbs 2 vacant seats
School of Science, Math, & Technology Ryan Shepard 2 vacant seats
School of Social & Behavioral Sciences Destiny Ortiz*, Em Vaianella, Gloria Reed n/a

* Senate Chair

Email us at if you are interested in discussing a vacant seat or would like more information about SGA!

Quran Bell ( and John Lawless ( serve as co-advisors of the SGA.

All future SGA meetings have been cancelled for now.

2023 election info and event date and times are forthcoming.


We are looking forward to working with you all to ensure we are represented and our voices are integrated into the fabric of SUNY Empire State College.

You can reach us by email at

*All future SGA meetings have been cancelled for now. 2023 election info and event date and times are forthcoming.

Engagement Committee

Meets every 3rd Monday from 6:30PM-7:30PM

Student Events Committee

Meets every 3rd Thursday from 7:00PM-8:00PM

Student Needs Committee

Meets every 2nd Friday from 7:00PM-8:00PM

Student Success Committee

Meets every 2nd Wednesday from 7:00PM-8:00PM

There are a couple ways to reach out to the SGA.

For constituent related concerns, access to senators, suggestions, information on how to become a senator, or get involved in our committees, or share ideas, please reach out to

To reach out to the main organization with questions, or if you have questions for the executive board, please email


We’re here to help.

SUNY Empire State 1 Stop Student Services is a partner in your successful college experience. Check out their website at, contact, or call them!

800-847-3000, ext. 2285