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Travel Grant Information for the Spring Student Conference

The deadline to apply for a Spring Student Conference Travel Grant has passed.

The purpose of the travel grant is to assist SUNY Empire students who otherwise could not attend the conference.  Travel grants have rules and stipulations that clearly outline the rights of the student and the college; these rules and stipulations are listed below and on the application.

Your application for a travel grant is not complete until you sign the statement agreeing that you understand these rules and stipulations.

The Office of Student Life makes every effort to assure that travel grant funds are used appropriately and in accordance with college and state guidelines. Student travel grants are limited by available funds.  

Travel Grant Rules and Stipulations

  • That all of the above provided information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.
  • SUNY Empire students are eligible to apply.
  • Travel grants are for students in need of assistance to attend the conferences; an awarded travel grant does not cover all expenses of attending the conference.
  • Grants are a stipend amount based on your travel from a regional location, different regions will be having different stipend amounts based on distance and need for one or two hotel nights.
  • Travel stipends are mailed after the conference in the form of a check.
  • Grants are for the dates of the conference only, and will only cover the nights at the hotel for which you applied for.
  • Students are responsible for “shoulder” nights – the dates that come before or after the dates of the conference (should they choose to stay at the hotel)
  • Travel grants are awarded on a first come first serve basis with a completed application. By accepting a travel grant you agree that if you do not cancel at least 48 hours in advance and do not attend – the cost of the hotel and meals will be added to your student account for which you are responsible.
  • If a student incurs incidentals and does not pay them during their hotel room, the charges will be put on the student’s college account.
  • Students receiving a travel grant are expected to attend at a minimum 5 of the 7 concurrent sessions.

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