2012 Women's Studies Residency March 31-April 1, 2012 in NYC to Explore Women's

By AmyRuth Tobol, associate dean, Long Island Center

December 28, 2011

woman cradling and kiss an infantWomen’s studies as an interdisciplinary academic field has emerged in the last 40 years across a broad range of topics, including economics, historical studies, literature, math, psychology, science and sociology. SUNY Empire State College has hosted women’s studies residency meetings in conjunction with academic course offerings since the mid 1970s, and has evolved to reflect the role of the field. This year's program features a residency at the Metropolitan Center in New York City, Saturday, March 31 and Sunday, April 1, 2012, that includes students and faculty from SUNY Empire State College, as well as several speakers. Features of the residency include panel presentations, field trips and study-group sessions with mentors.

Economic, political, social and cultural changes have created an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear. Coupled with rising unemployment, increased gaps between rich and poor, using difference as a weapon and ongoing news reports of terrorist threats, it is easy to feel disheartened. This residency, however, is intended to provide a space for exploring the opportunities, victories and hope that still exist in the world. Students will register for study groups that explore how women’s studies can offer positive paradigms of struggle and success and/or effective solutions to current problems.

Students may sign up for one of the following study groups. Note that students will be required to participate in various learning activities through ANGEL and/or other modes both before and after the residency:

  • Women, Art and Peace: mentor, Anastasia Pratt
  • Living Beyond Loss: Women's Stories of Leaving and Transformation: mentor, Celest Woo
  • Women and Entrepreneurship: mentor, Mindy Kole
  • Motherhood as an Emerging Discipline: mentors, Viktoria Popova-Gonci and Mildred VanBergen
  • Making a Home, Making a Living: Work and Family Life: mentor, Erin Young

Students will be required to attend the two-day residency at the Metropolitan Center in New York City. At the in-person residency, students will attend sessions with their study group colleagues and mentors.

The residency fee of $60 covers breakfast and lunch both days, as well as participation in two panels (see below) and eligibility for a reduced rate for a tour of City Winery. Panels (which will be open to alumni) include:

Finding Hope in a Bottle: Women Who Wine

Presenters: Dana Gliserman Kopans and Kim Stote

Women’s contributions to wine culture and wine making have, like so many other aspects of women’s history, been under-celebrated. The first part of the workshop will focus on the seldom told stories of women and wine. The second part of the workshop, the nutritional perspective, will consider the effects of wine on and in the body, especially the female body.
**This panel will be followed by a tasting and tour of City Winery. Residency participants will be eligible for a reduced fee for this activity.

Motherhood Studies: An Emerging Field in a Time of Uncertainty

Presenters: Yvonne Murphy, Peggy Tally and Sabrina Fuchs Abrams

With the recent opening of the Museum of Motherhood: The Multicultural Family in Manhattan and the growth of scholarship relating to mothering, this workshop will introduce students to the emerging interdisciplinary field of motherhood studies and the ways in which it offers women a sense of community and support in coping with the uncertainties that can accompany motherhood. Topics to be explored include mothering and identity, mothering and creativity, mothering and socioeconomic stability, motherhood and psychological well-being, redefining motherhood, motherhood and academe, motherhood and the media, mothering and literature, multicultural mothering, mothering and maturity, and motherhood and humor.

Students from all SUNY Empire State College centers, units and programs are invited to participate. Attendance at the residency is an integral and required part of all the studies. Students also will do additional academic study outside the residency, under the direction of a mentor. At registration, students will work with their primary mentors to select a residency study in the January term.

For more information, go to www.esc.edu/womensstudies or contact associate dean Amy Ruth Tobol at AmyRuth.Tobol@esc.edu.

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