Academic Support at SUNY Empire State College: What’s Up with All That?

By Linda Hamel

February 1, 2011

Here’s what’s up: many of our students find themselves in need of academic support during their college career. This is not unusual, given that a number of our students are returning adult learners who have been away from the academic environment for a while and some are in college for the first time. Can you say, “Rusty skills, thesis statement or—gulp—research paper?” Yes, you can—and you will.

You’ll find support for all of these things and a lot more in our Office of Academic Support Services. Each regional center has such an office, as does the Center for Distance Learning. Accessing support for writing, reading, math, time management or navigating our online environment is just a click away. Or, if you prefer, a phone call away. And better yet, all of our academic support services are free for SUNY Empire State College students.

Studies show that students who seek additional support in their studies have a better chance of succeeding. Working with a learning coach or a peer tutor, for example, can help you better understand the course material and, in turn, help you perform better in your studies. Connecting with the academic support personnel at the college also can help keep you on track to finish all the studies you undertake and most importantly, to finish that degree you’ve been dreaming about. Some of you have tried to do this before and have not been successful. So make it more about YOU this time and reach out to your local Office of Academic Support for directors, support staff, learning coaches, tutors and other individuals trained to help you with all of your academic needs. You’ll be pleased to know that access to these trained professionals can be either face to face, in small group workshops or through the use of technology.

So what’s the bottom line? We are here! You can find your local Director of Academic Support Services, along with a lot of other academic support resources, at Check it out!

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