SUNY Empire State College Bookstore

By Dan Rabideau, Coordinator of Bookstore and Central Services

August 22, 2011

The SUNY Empire State College Bookstore provides educational materials services for students. With our students living throughout the United States and the world, the bookstore is organized to serve students effectively wherever they may be located. We take great pride in the fact that according to the last SUNY student opinion survey, the bookstore received a very high satisfaction rate, the highest in the SUNY system for college bookstore services.

In an effort to help students control their course materials expenses, the bookstore implements several strategies. We have increased the number of book titles that are available as used books, especially the more expensive titles, in order to lower the cost. If there are multiple material items in a course from the same publisher, we try to find them packaged together, if the price for the package is lower than the individual components. The bookstore also hosts a buy-back program on its website, where students can sell their used course books.

Once an order is placed, the books are shipped out within two business days via UPS. This ensures quick, efficient delivery and also provides a means for students to track their order.

In an effort to go green, the boxes used for sending out student orders contain recycled materials. We reuse as much of the packing material from incoming shipments as possible for outgoing shipments. The bookstore also uses scrap paper from the print shop for packing material. By taking these measures the bookstore does not have to use Styrofoam peanuts or other non-eco-friendly packing materials for student orders. This also means that most of the packing materials sent out to students can be easily recycled.

Since the majority of our students use the Web as their main access to the bookstore, our web page serves as the main ordering option, but students also can telephone, fax or mail their book orders. Students should have their course number(s) before attempting to purchase their course book(s).

For more information, visit or call 800-847-3000, ext. 2365 or 518-587-2100, ext. 2365.

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