Meet Josh Martin

By Danielle Clum, student, Northeast Center - Saratoga Unit

March 15, 2011

Josh Martin graduated from SUNY Empire State College in December ‘06 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Community and Human Services, and now, he can’t say enough about the positive experiences he had while attending. On top of his list is the opportunity for credit by evaluation, through which he received 4 credits towards his degree for previous work experience. He also raves about the immense knowledge he gained from the degree planning course. “I believe it is something that all college institutions should require students to take. It was an invaluable experience,” he says. Overall, Josh enjoyed the challenge of SUNY Empire State College’s nontraditional way of learning.

After graduating, Josh went on to earn a Master’s of Science in Education in College Student Services Administration from the College of Saint Rose in December ‘10. Through a variety of courses, Saint Rose offered him an education in organizational, helping and administrative skills applicable and beneficial to his career goals.

Josh currently works part time at SUNY Empire State College in the Office of Collegewide Disability Services, where he is able to work with and help students with challenges. “It is very rewarding to be able to create programming for students that is accessible, intentional and meaningful,” he notes. Students experience a level of challenge and support throughout a variety of environments, whether the interaction takes place online, over the phone or face-to-face. “I have developed an ever-increasing appreciation for process, based on my work assisting Disability Services in reorganizing its primary website and in creating captioned-video presentations for students, faculty and staff, as well as assisting the Office of Veteran and Military Education in facilitating a student-panel discussion.”

Josh’s desire to get into student services was based on his work experience at SUNY Adirondack in the Trio Upward Bound program, while attending SUNY Empire State College. He loved the work and enjoyed using his administrative skills and abilities to assist individuals, groups and communities in pursuing their higher education. He remarks, “This work was challenging, but I was able to watch students grow. I know that positive outcomes can – and do – happen!”

So what does the future hold for Josh? He knows that he wants to work in the broad realm of human services, possibly in a student-service area, such as academic advisement, career development, academic support or disability services.

“I want to feel as though my skills and abilities are being used to assist and empower students and coworkers, as well as departments and institutions, in order to move forward in identifying and achieving the goal at hand,” says Josh.

When he is not working at the college, his energies are focused on his start-up business, which caters to Career and Educational Planning. He likes talking with people about their work, whether it’s about their current job, what they wish they could be doing or how to improve their work life. “Work, whether it’s a career or a temporary job, impacts so many different areas our lives. To assist individuals in exploring all possible options and brainstorming ways to build their network or engage in the search process is very appealing to me. I find the theories that attempt to explain why individuals make the career decisions they do fascinating and I enjoy the challenge of integrating those theories into a tangible way of helping those individuals navigate through their life,” Josh explains.

In his free time, Josh enjoys playing classic video games and has a renewed interest in Donkey Kong. He also enjoys cooking. He lists Alton Brown as one of his culinary heroes and is currently cooking his way through one of Brown’s cookbooks. Josh is also a hockey fan who roots for the Montreal Canadians, "The Habs," his favorite team.

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