Steps toward a Controlled Life: A Student Perspective

By April Simmons, student, Metropolitan Center–Brooklyn Unit

November 22, 2011

Stressed OutSometimes life can get in the way. There are things that can happen within  our daily lives that make us feel “imbalanced.”  By imbalanced, I am referring to feeling  “out of whack” and unable to focus and  concentrate, and having scattered thoughts  and feelings.

For students, an imbalanced life can weigh heavily, interfering with completing college assignments. This is why I created, “The Steps toward a Controlled Life,” containing short affirmations and disciplines that one can follow or personalize to individual situations. Someone has to have control.

Steps toward a Controlled Life:

  • Be present - You are with YOU at this very moment, enjoy it and live it.
  • LTBATA - Let Things Be As They Are- You can only CHANGE yourself.
  • Worry less, relax more - Worrying usually consists of a thought of something that hasn’t happened, so relax and deal with things as they come.
  • CONTROL - Excuse yourself from a heated situation before it goes further.
  • STOP - Sometimes not doing anything is the best solution of all.
  • SHIFT - Shift any negative or troubling thoughts to positive.
  • DISCIPLINE - Discipline yourself to think what you want and feel how you want.
  • LOVE - Love yourself to the highest capacity there is so you do not need affirmation from someone else.
  • ENJOY - If you have a partner, enjoy his or her love, because how you are treated or what you allow is a reflection of how you treat yourself.
  • ALLOW - Allow yourself to step outside of your life sometimes and be logical about the best way to handle it.
  • JUST BE - Be with it, be with you, there is no other reality than this very moment.

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