Women's Studies Residency 2012: Registration Reopening for March Term; Studies are Diverse

By AmyRuth Tobol, associate dean, Long Island Center

February 7, 2012

Registration for the 2012 Women's Studies Residency will be reopened, so that students interested in participating, but who were unable to register in the January term, can do so in March.

For more information on the residency, contact AmyRuth.Tobol@esc.edu or visit www.esc.edu/womensstudies.

Women, Art and Peace
Tutor: Anastasia Pratt
4 credits; advanced undergraduate; 3 credits, graduate, liberal
Meets either humanities or arts general education requirements

This blended study will explore how women use art to promote peace and how images of women are used to promote peace.

In order to understand the use of art to promote peace, participants will consider the distinctions between art and craft, the role of traditional craft work within the art world, the expanding use of both art and craft within peace movements and the role of women (and their art and craft work) within those peace movements.

Women and Entrepreneurship
Tutor: Mindy Kole
4 credits, advanced, liberal
Meets general education requirement: to be determined

This study group will explore women as entrepreneurs and examine the issues, challenges and opportunities women face in starting companies.

The group will discuss and acknowledge the ethnic, racial, religious and socioeconomic diversity of women entrepreneurs in a global economy; evaluate how gender differences affect the experiences of women entrepreneurs; and discuss the issues and problems women face as they often continue to play traditional roles in the household. It will look at factors that motivate women to become business owners, exploring the different types of entrepreneurial opportunities (e.g. social entrepreneurship). Lastly, the study examines the critical start-up steps of entrepreneurship (e.g. the business plan, networking and funding), and identifies skills, resources and strategies that may help women become successful entrepreneurs.

Motherhood as an Emerging Social and Academic Field of Study
Tutors: Viktoria Popova-Gonci and Mildred VanBergen
4 credits, introductory or advanced, liberal studies
Meets humanities general education requirement

The recent opening of the Museum of Motherhood in New York City and the development of a Mother Studies Graduate Certificate Program at the Minnesota State University at Mankato herald the beginnings of a new field of study and a rebirth of a social movement organized around the work of mothering.

This group study will explore this new field, and provide students with an opportunity to discuss, research and investigate such issues as the work of mothering, popular cultural representations of motherhood, social/political/economic conditions of motherhood, and related topics.

Making a Home, Making a Living: Work and Family Life
Tutor: Erin Young
4 credits, advanced
Meets social sciences general education requirement

This study will offer an in-depth exploration of the various issues that contemporary U.S. women face in their navigation of home and work life. Participants will examine the historical context of labor and its gendered divisions, analyze the gendered “wage gap” that continues to feature prominently in political discourse, the management of household duties for contemporary women and men and the “care crisis” that working parents negotiate.

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