Viewing the Caribbean through Cultural Performance

Alison Brust, office of the registrar

October 20, 2016

"Viewing the Caribbean through Cultural Performance" is a new online course that will be offered this year during Fall 2 2016 and Spring 1 and Spring 2 2017 terms. This interdisciplinary course, team-taught by Mentor Rhianna Rogers and Alison Brust, in EOM, is available to undergraduate students at the introductory or advanced levels. 

The course will look at the artistic representations of culture through the lenses of visual culture and performance art. Students will explore how European and African cultures have influenced Caribbean performance. Case studies from selected art forms and dances will introduce how culture impacts the production of performance art. Students will have the opportunity to experience the performances and learn about the Caribbean culture through self- guided projects and interactive course exercises. There is no need to purchase texts in advance, as the required reading will be available through e-books and articles in Empire State College’s online library and on webpages. Additional requirements will be watching videos using YouTube and using internet searches for research activities.

Students who wish to register should visit is external) and look for 2016fa2 Reg. codes:  /899845 or /899846.

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Viewing the Caribbean through Cultural Performance, Alison Brust, office of the registrar

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