Issue 109, Nov. 3, 2016

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Process Politics: Going to (the Electoral) College

By Arthur Ramsay, student, SUNY Empire State College

The end of our long presidential election cycle is approaching. All of the work inside and outside the campaigns will be measured on November 8, Election Day. Up to this point, we’ve learned about the things that make up these campaigns, from primaries, to delegates and conventions. Now, let’s look into the process of voting and how a winner is declared in a presidential election. ... MORE

Current 3 First Generation Students

Q&A: How to Be Successful as a First-Generation College Student

By Suzanne Lazar, student, SUNY Empire State College, editor, The Student Connection

Many adult students are entering higher education for the first time and as a first-generation student. While there are everyday pressures that come along with balancing life - work, home and school – being the first of your generation can create more stress ... MORE

Other 2 TeachNY

TeachNY Has Real Potential to Revitalize the Teaching Field

By Big Ideas - SUNY BLOG

I remember driving to my first day of teaching as the top song of the week—Glenn Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy” – played on the radio ... MORE

Other News

Student Spotlight: Caleb Haines, student, SUNY Empire State College, By Suzanne Lazar, student, SUNY Empire State College; editor, The Student Connection

2016 Veteran’s Day Parade – Come March with Us, By Danielle Boardman, coordinator of student life

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