So, You Have Student Loans

By Kristina Delbridge, director of Financial Aid

December 2, 2016

You aren’t alone.  Did you know? According to the Institute for College Access and Success, 59% of undergraduate graduating seniors in 2016 had student loan debt.   For those of you who are getting financial assistance while in college, ask yourself these questions:

Are you aware of your current student loan debt?

Do you know what your average payment will be based on the amount you have already borrowed or expect to borrow?

Are you aware of repayment plan options that will be available to you?

Now it’s time to plan ahead! 

Being mindful of the status of your current student loan borrowing can help you plan accordingly and prevent potential unnecessary surprise in your future. 

Visit and click on “How do I manage my loans?” to access a repayment calculator and get assistance with understanding repayment.  

For more information contact the Financial Aid office at 1-800-847-3000 or


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