Letter From the Editor: Welcome to the 2017 Spring Term

By Suzanne Lazar ’16, graduate student, SUNY Empire State College

January 27, 2017

A new term has started and many students are getting back into the swing of things after a much needed break, while some are starting a brand new journey as an adult learner.

SUNY Empire State College has a lot to offer students in addition to earning credits to complete a degree program. The college offers many different workshops and webinars for academic assistance, as well as a wide variety of clubs and organizations to join for extracurricular activities.

Each year, SUNY Empire offers local and statewide events, as well as two big annual conferences held in the spring and the fall. These are great ways to showcase your academic and creative work, meet fellow students and faculty and really get involved in the SUNY Empire community.

Being a student is a lot of hard work and can have financial implications, but it also comes along with some perks that make the hard work less overwhelming. Using your student ID card will allow you discounts in some great stores and for services nationally, as well as locally. A really great offer is “Amazon Student.” Feature

Use your .edu email address and receive six months of Amazon Prime for free and, after six months is up, enroll in Prime for half the regular cost! This can provide savings on books, movie rentals for courses and shopping in general.

Here are ten stores and services that give discounts to student, including Amazon Student:

Amazon Student: When you sign up for Amazon Student using a verified college email address (that’s an .edu), you will get the first six months of Amazon Prime for free including free two-day shipping and free streaming of Prime Instant Video. Once the six months are up, it is 50 percent off the regular Prime cost for up to four years. There are also exclusive deals for textbooks and dorm room essentials. If you haven’t already you can easily sign up for Prime benefits!

New York TimesOne of the most respected newspapers in the world is right here in New York. The New York Times offers students $1 subscriptions to help keep up to date with what is happening in the world of news, politics, culture, sports, and more. The New York Times also makes for a great research source!

J. CrewAnyone going on a job interview, whether it is for residential life at your university or for jobs post-graduation, will require new business attire In order to look professional, a blazer is a must and I can tell you those do not come cheap. J. Crew offer students 15 percent off their in-store purchase with a valid college ID, so fill your closet with some modern fashion must-haves.

Topshop: Refine your appearance with some trendy British style. From clothing to shoes, accessories, and beauty supplies, Topshop offers 10 percent off your purchase when you sign up for its free Student Beans Account. Signing up is free and takes less than two minutes to help you shop at one of the trendiest stores to date.

AppleEverything is on the computer these days, and technology advances faster than many of us can keep track of. Students can stay current when they show ANY student ID and get up to 15 percent off a new Mac and 5 percent off an iPad. With more than 20 Apple Stores scattered around New York state, buying and tech support options are close by for many students. Take advantage of this discount to stay current with the latest computing technologies.

State FarmKeeping those grades up can now save you money. State Farm insurance offers a “Good Student” discount which gets you 25 percent off auto insurance for good grades. Whether you pay for your own insurance or your parents pay for you, there is a significant discount for getting good grades. This discount is valid after you graduate until you turn 25 years old!

TrailwaysNYSometimes you need to have a little off-campus fun. No matter which SUNY campus you may be on, there’s an opportunity to get to a town or city far away in New York with Trailways Bus. Students who use a valid ID can get a 15 percent discount on their travel. Hop on board and go see a show, game, or other entertainment in New York City, Syracuse, Buffalo, Albany, or some other interesting location.

TCBYTCBY offers 15 percent off with ANY student ID. We could all use some sweetness every now and again, so with this discount, you can get your frozen yogurt at a lower price all year long, including those yummy toppings!

ChipotleOne of the most popular food chains in the country is Chipotle. Whether you get a burrito wrapped in a tortilla or in a bowl, you can get a free drink with a valid student ID when you purchase a burrito. So make sure to flash the student ID next time you decide to get your Mexican food fix.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Even if your major isn’t in design or multimedia, there’s a good chance you can make use of Adobe products. From image editing with Photoshop, PDF printing and editing, video and audio editing, and more, all these solutions are made available through the cloud by Adobe. Students can get a discount of up to 60 percent off on more than 20 Adobe software options with a full Creative Cloud account, or go with the photography suite for an even cheaper option. Let your creative side shine this semester.

There are many great deals out there for students.  It never hurts to ask your favorite store if its has a student discount.  Chances are they do! And check with your SUNY Empire location to find out what other discounts are available in your area. 

For more information about the different tools, resources and ways to get involved at the college, go to the Student Services tab at https://www.esc.edu/

Best of luck in the new term!

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Letter From the Editor: Welcome to the 2017 Spring Term, By Suzanne Lazar ’16, graduate student, SUNY Empire State College

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