Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Forum

by Rhianna Rodgers, associate professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, SUNY Empire State College

The college will be hosting the 3rd Annual College-wide Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Forum event on April 12, 2017 from 6:30-8:30pm. This forum will explore the intersections of current American politics and race. Some of the possible topics to be discussed by panelists in this forum include American politics, race and immigration issues; American politics, race and activism issues; American politics, race and political issues; and American politics, race and gender issues. Forum panelists will represent a diverse background of opinions and perspectives on these topics. This event will be held at multiple locations across the college and will be broadcast on ESC-TV. Registration and more information will be posted on the Alumni event website, located here:

The Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Forum is co-sponsored by the Graduate Student Collaborative and Niagara Frontier Business Club and supported SAF. 

The College-wide Cultural Diversity and Inclusion forum series is an expansion of the highly successful Western New York student survey project, coined the Buffalo Project, co-facilitated by Dr. Rhianna C. Rogers, associate professor at SUNY Empire State College.  The Buffalo Project analyzed the impacts of cultural inclusiveness on college learning and student retention at SUNY Empire State College-Niagara Frontier. This survey information, has been used to create a variety of activities at Niagara Frontier in order to engage students cross-culturally; some of these events include culture-based plenary discussions, documentary film round tables, community tours, student clubs, and food events. The success of this forum series eventually expanded into what is now a College-wide Diversity and Inclusion Forum series, in its third iteration.

For information about the Buffalo Project and the prior College-wide Cultural Diversity and Inclusion forums, please see the follow links:

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