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Student Engagement: SUNY Empire State College Wants To Hear From You!

By Allison Quinn, student, SUNY Empire State College

July 14, 2017

SUNY Empire State College is the home to nearly 20,000 students who live and learn in many regions of New York, different states, and internationally. With this geographic diversity, students may feel isolated or feel that their ideas and concerns within the college may not make a difference for themselves or other students.  Although SUNY Empire is considered a non-traditional college, faculty, administrators and the student population care about what you have to say.

SUNY ESC wants to know what you’re thinking. Your contributions and unique perspective can have a direct impact on services and programs, student success, and the future of the college. Whether you have a suggestion for an event or have a concern relating to a course, your input can help determine how the college can help.

SUNY ESC provides opportunities and outlets for students to speak with regional representatives, network with other students, and to make your voice heard.  One outlet to make suggestions, ask questions, and learn about getting involved is through the Student Affairs Committee.  SAC is a mix of students, faculty and staff representatives from the various regions who act as liaisons to the SUNY Empire State College Governance.  They can relay your ideas or concerns to administrators and hold discussions at the SAC meetings which are held throughout the academic school year.  As the SAC bylaws state, "The Student Affairs Committee shall act on behalf of students in the continuing study, review, and recommendations for change in all phases of student involvement in the College."

The college also offers a way for students to engage by holding Student Engagement Mixers in various regions throughout ESC. Whether you take strictly online courses or a mix of study groups and residencies, all students are welcome to attend the mixers, a platform to meet and network with faculty and other students in your area. This is a great opportunity to get to know your representatives and speak with other students and faculty, face-to-face, and it’s even a better way to make a stronger connection with the college.

SUNY ESC also encourages students to get involved by joining clubs, volunteering and, writing for the online newsletter, The Student Connection! 

The college sends frequent updates about what’s happening so make sure to check your emails for details about upcoming mixers and other events, collegewide and at the regional ESC locations.

Pat Myers, Director of Collegewide Student Affairs, emphasized that the student voice is the driving force in the growth and changes that occur within the college. Our voices let faculty and administrators know which issues and goals are important to students. By becoming involved, your contributions can make a great difference for future students.

Visit The Student Affairs Committee section of the ESC website to learn more about SAC, contact regional SAC representatives with ideas or concerns, or to apply for a spot as a SAC representative.

Visit the Student Services section on the ESC website for more ways to get engaged.

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