Letter From the Editor: Welcome to the 2018 Spring Term

By Suzanne Lazar ’16, graduate student, SUNY Empire State College; editor, The Student Connection

January 25, 2018

Here we are in the second week of the Spring term.  It’s always a little overwhelming to get started, whether you’re a new student, or a returning student, but after you talk with your mentor or advisor, meet your instructors, and get to know your fellow students through ice-breakers in an online course, or in person at a group study course, you get a better sense of what your instructors and professors expect, you develop a successful study plan and learning routine, things start to fall into place, and you’re off!

SUNY Empire State College draws a unique student population of adult learners, all with different goals and aspirations, but all with one thing in common, to learn and be a successful student.

The ESC community is spread out, not just throughout the state of NY, but nationally and internationally.  While many students are enrolled in SUNY Empire Online, the distance between, however, doesn’t interfere with students interacting with other students.  And ESC makes a great effort to engage students, faculty and staff, in-person at local venues, through collegewide events, and virtually through workshops and other online learning opportunities.

SUNY Empire State College is a very diversity driven institution, and offers a wide variety of courses, events, and clubs that meet the needs of its diverse community.  There’s something for everyone, no matter who you are or where you’re from.  So, as you navigate through the term and through the online learning environment, take a few moments to inform yourself about some of the great tools and resources the college has to offer.

Whether you’re taking strictly online courses or participating in blended learning, the college has a tremendous amount of resources for students in areas ranging from academics to disability services, and many ways to engage with other students, faculty, and staff.  There are a lot of interesting and fun events happening, collegewide, and throughout the different ESC locations – another exciting way to get involved.  Student and Academic Services coordinate many of the events that take place during the academic year.  Two main events are the Health and Wellness Retreat held in the Spring, and the Fall Student Conference held in October.  These events are a great meeting place to engage with fellow students, meet college administrators, learn new things academically and culturally, and make new and lifelong friendships.

Student clubs are available to join, locally, and virtually.  And if you want to start one of your own, the college welcomes and encourages students to submit ideas for new clubs! 

The ESC Academic Calendar always lists important dates to follow throughout the term.

There is a lot of valuable information on MyESC, and quick links to Registration, Moodlerooms, Bookstore, Student Accounts, Learning Support.  If you run into technical issues with accessing different links, features, and online courses, the IT Service Desk is available to help.

The Financial Aid department is always on hand to answer questions and provide students with information about funding options.  And eligible students at ESC can apply for awards and scholarships to help with their tuition and costs.   

In addition to enrolling in courses for college-level credit, students can earn credit for college-level learning through prior learning assessments

If you are looking to enhance your career opportunities, whether by changing professions or getting a promotion, ESC Career Services offers a tremendous amount of resources like resume writing, interviewing, and a wide variety of job search databases. 

If you know of someone who you think might be interested in starting or going back to college, ESC has frequent info-sessions to learn about the different degree and certificate programs and different modes of study. 

The Student Connection is a wonderful source for finding out what’s happening at the college, throughout the SUNY system, and engaging with other students.  Our team is always looking for journalistic articles; opinion pieces, current news, social news, artwork, poems, and creative pieces.  If you have a topic you you’d like to write about, send it in!  Getting published is a great resume builder and an even greater way to get noticed.  If you have ideas for article topics or want to learn more about how to get involved, please email Student.Editor@esc.edu.

These are just a few resources that students will find at ESC.  Getting involved will open more doors to information, talking with you mentor and instructors will enlighten you, and finding your passions as you embark on your educational journey will take you in directions that will lead to great success.

On behalf of the staff at the Student Connection, we wish you a productive term and well wishes on your educational journey of excellence!




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