Finding Inspiration

By Chris Bowman, student, SUNY Empire State College

August 17, 2017

Do you ever suffer from lack of inspiration for that next art project, or get writer’s block more often than you’d like? Finding inspiration can sometimes come from more places than one might think; small towns, your favorite museum, sharing public transportation, to name a few. In New York City alone, there are over one hundred museums, cultural institutions, art galleries and historical sites. So, if you ever wonder how all of the cities and towns in New York got their names or wonder about the major challenges faced by workers who built New York City’s underground subways, visiting these institutions and sites is a wonderful way to learn, and it’s a really great way to get inspired.

Going to museums and artist talks can help you stay inspired in all areas of life, especially in education. Whether you’re an economics major or a nursing student and trying to find inspiration to write a paper for a class or to do something creative in your spare time, art and history is for everyone to enjoy and enrich their lives. Work and school can become mundane and robotically routine, but by taking advantage of seeing new exhibits, or going to a new city, you can expand your mind and give new life to your thoughts and ideas. A refreshed perspective has a way of breathing new life into a person’s thought process, and as a result that person breathes new life into the things they do.

Knowing the history of a city can make living there or visiting, more enjoyable and inspiring. Looking at art that is centuries old, or visiting historic landmarks is an enlightening experience. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a favorite museum for many who enjoy the feeling of taking a trip back in time. Learning about the past makes living in the present a more revealing experience, and knowledge of our past is a way to honor those who came before us as well.

Attending artist talks and lectures is something many professors at ESC consider invaluable when it comes to the learning process and ways to get inspired. Students are encouraged to go to as many talks as possible and in some courses, attending art talks appears on the syllabus as a requirement. The experience of hearing how artists and professionals became successful in their field of work, expands the mind, inspires the soul and leaves you with a feeling of gratitude when leaving a lecture, artist talk, or museum.

Leaving time for yourself outside of school and work is essential to your well-being and creative stability. No matter where you live in New York, in the U.S., or abroad, there is most likely a museum, gallery, or historic site nearby for you to visit, learn, and find inspiration.

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