Would you support the college's multi-year plan to maintain and enhance technology based services?

By Rick Barthelmas, assistant vice president, Administration

May 18, 2012

We constantly strive to bring more direct technology services and support to our students. Given the nature of our institution and our reliance upon technology, it is critical the college maintain exemplary teaching and learning tools, support services and access to educational resources which assure student success. The student technology fee currently supports our online learning management system (ANGEL), our student computer labs at every regional center, a growing number of teaching and learning software tools, collaborative applications and Internet services. The fee also supports, in part, systems for student registration, grades and student financial accounting.

Specifically, our technology fee is approximately $160 below the average currently charged at other SUNY institutions. The college’s commitment to funding technology in 2011-2012 was $2.5M beyond the fees collected. This additional funding was taken out of our reserve funds which are rapidly diminishing because of the decrease in state support during the last several years. What remains is simply not enough to maintain and enhance the services we provide to our students.

Empire State College has prided itself in keeping the cost of attendance as low as possible and has not increased fees as other institutions have over the last several years. The college’s total fees for 2011-2012 are approximately $310 per year in comparison with the average paid at other SUNY institutions which averages $1,320 per year.

We are proposing a rational increase in the technology fee of $50 per year ($25 per term) for the next four years. For those of you who have financial aid this fee is calculated as part of the cost of attendance. The fee has been raised only three times in the last 18 years. We have created a short survey in an effort to understand your opinions and needs and ultimately to seek your support. Please take the time to complete the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/technologyfee.

The survey will be open until May 25, 2012.

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