We Got Klout! Social Media Plays Important Role in Alumni and Student Engagement

By David White, coordinator of alumni services

May 18, 2012

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The Office of Alumni and Student Relations reports continued success in alumni and student engagement via social media pages. Social media has become an important tool for the college, enabling alumni and students to easily connect and network with each other as well as promote official college information such as the latest events, student achievements and news. The office recently achieved a 40 Klout score. (Klout is a social media metric that measures influence throughout social media networks).

This chart details how many people are participating in the alumni and student relations office's social media programs:

Social Media PlatformTotal MembersIncrease from 2011
Alumni Student Online Community 9,072 9%
Facebook Page 4,226 37%
Twitter 802 45%
LinkedIn 1,099 38%

Main social media properties:
Alumni Student Online Community
This is the college’s private online community open only to alumni, current students, staff and faculty. This community offers extensive search and career-related features to connect with alumni and students, including by location, degree major, job title and employer. A member also may create targeted posts for the community and search for jobs.

The college's main Facebook page is open for all to join and presents a robust engaging image to the public. Facebook pages have been created for all centers, making it easy for alumni and students to connect at the local level and for student clubs and the Student Academic Conference.

The college's Twitter page allows alumni and students to receive college texts directly to their cellphone.

The LinkedIn group page allows alumni and students to connect at an enhanced professional level. There are subgroups available for each center.

Please visit the social media page to learn more about the many ways to connect with alumni, students and the college community.

Faculty and staff are welcome to join the college’s private alumni student online community by emailing a request to David Regan White ’05, coordinator of alumni services at David.White@esc.edu.

Faculty and staff who are responsible for social media outreach to alumni and students at their centers are welcome to contact the Office of Alumni and Student Relations to discuss and collaborate on strategies to optimize and increase engagement.

Student/Alumni Profile

Meet Alida Karakushi, by Eric Zencey, part-time mentor, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, School for Graduate Studies

Did You Know...

Student ID cards can be requested by contacting your center's primary contact

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