Issue 40, July 6, 2012

Featuring Your Site in the Commons

By Joshua Gaul, commons administrator, Office of Integrated Technologies

As readily shown by The Student Connection, at Empire State College, we believe one of the best ways to help students grow is to give them an outlet to express themselves. Many students already use the Commons as a tool to help with their coursework -- but did you know you can use the platform as an experimental tool to communicate your personal and professional interests, too? Your Commons sites don’t have to be tied to your coursework – they can be used as your outlet to explore other topics and engage your fellow Empire State College students to ensure development beyond our college walls. ... MORE

Meet Professor Steven Lewis

By Kristen Yard, student, Center for Distance Learning

I emailed Professor Steve Lewis for the first time in December 2010, after my mentor and I decided I should switch my concentration to creative writing. She said, “Oh you’ll just love Steve Lewis. He’s a great guy.” Still unsure that I truly belonged in the writing world, I typed and deleted for half an hour before finally submitting an email asking for his advice on what classes I should take. His first words to me calmed my nerves and set the stage for our two-year run. “I’d be happy to work with you. A nice way to start the conversation about powerful writing is with a study I like to call ‘The Art of the Memoir.’” ... MORE

Mentor Max Hilaire Teaches Unique United Nations Course to 17 International Students from 12 Countries in Prague

By Francesca Cichello, director of student services, Center for International Programs

For the second time in two years, Empire State College has offered a course on the United Nations (UN) to a diverse group of students of several different nationalities. This year 17 students from 12 different countries traveled from all corners of the globe including Armenia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Republic of Georgia, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Slovakia, South Africa and Vietnam. The highlight of the course was presentations by students on their country’s perspective on the United Nations. ... MORE

CNYC Names Award-Winning Playwright, Author and Educator Craig Thornton to Be Artist-in-Residence 2012-13

By Michael Mancini, assistant to the dean, Central New York Center

Craig Thornton, an award-winning playwright and graduate of New York University (BFA) and Goddard College (MFA) has been named artist-in-residence at SUNY Empire State College’s Central New York Center (CNYC) effective with the fall term. He will offer workshops and studies as part of the center’s Arts Learning Community. ... MORE

Mentors Karen Garner and Robert Congemi, of the Northeast Center, Named Scholars Across the College for 2012-13

By Alan Mandell, mentor and college professor of adult learning and mentoring, Metropolitan Center

Karen Garner and Robert Congemi, both of the Northeast Center, have been named as Scholars Across the College for 2012-13, according to Alan Mandell, college professor of adult learning and mentoring The decision, which Mandell calls “exciting,” was made by a committee comprising members of the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Adult Mentoring and Learning. ... MORE

Other News

ACCREDITED: TEAC Grants 7-Year Accreditation to MAT Program by Helen Edelman, manager, Exchange

ANGEL Upgrade to Version 8.0 Scheduled for August 2-4; Students and Instructors in 15-Week Summer Courses Affected by Suzanne Hayes, director, Academic Technologies

Ensuring a Successful Academic Journey: Insights from Mildred Van Bergen, Director of Academic Support, Long Island Center by Vickie Moller-Pepe, student, Long Island Center-Hauppauge Unit and 2011-2012 student representative, Student Affairs Committee

Next Phase of SUNY Rational Tuition Plan Effective with September 2012 Term by Pamela Malone, director, Student Accounts

You Asked and You Shall Receive, Direct Deposit Now Available for Financial Aid Refunds by Danielle Benedict, student service specialist

Student/Alumni Profile

Meet Victoria A. Rockwell, by Helen Edelman, manager, Exchange

Did You Know...

SUNY Empire State College Now Offers Online Master’s Degree in Learning and Emerging Technologies

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