New for Fall: College to Offer Master's Degree in Learning and Emerging Technologies

By David Henahan, Director of Communications

July 27, 2012

New for the fall of 2012, Empire State College’s School for Graduate Studies will offer a new degree: Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technologies.

“Better understanding of how, what and when people are learning in the digital age is essential to effective education,” said college Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Meg Benke. “The college’s new master’s program meets the rapidly growing need of community college faculty, instructional designers, trainers in corporate and nonprofit organizations, K-12 teachers and international educators, among others.”

Designed as a collaborative and interactive inquiry process, the program’s overall goal is to create a community of practice, comprised of both students and faculty, in order to gain a better understanding of how learning outcomes can be met using various new, digital technologies beyond the learning management system, to include: social media, various communication tools, virtual environments and multimedia creation tools.

"The college’s new master’s program in learning and emerging technologies represents a graduate degree not only in a field of our specialization, but one that is in keeping with the college’s history and mission. The college and the School for Graduate Studies continue to be in the forefront of higher education, through collaborative innovation in teaching and learning," said Robert Clougherty, dean of the college’s School for Graduate Studies.

Diane Gal, associate professor and program coordinator, encourages interested applicants “who are inquisitive, creative and innovative thinkers – those who see the potential of new technologies to enhance learning opportunities” to join the MALET community. “The program’s team of faculty and professionals work in a range of disciplines and bring unique perspectives to this exciting new graduate degree offering.”

The Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technologies goals are to:

  • consider the social, ethical and legal impacts of new technologies on our lives, individually and collectively
  • explore the multiple, unfolding political and economic impacts of digital media as a transformative agent in the global civic and market arenas
  • develop an understanding of how people learn in technology-mediated environments
  • examine and evaluate learning that occurs in technology mediated environments, and the impact of digital tools, resources and pedagogical methods in these settings
  • acquire the skills and capacity to identify, employ and evaluate technologically supported tools and methodologies
  • conduct original research projects both individually and in collaborative faculty-student teams in order to expand knowledge in the field.

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