Health and Wellness Initiative: Programming for Adult Students!

By Stephanie Schiffer, research assistant, Office of Collegewide Student Services

August 31, 2012

Exciting news! As an Empire State college student you can now experience our new Health and Wellness Online Program Initiative. We know that good health is critical to one’s success while in college. When confronted with any health challenge it’s good to have resources at your fingertips. We understand that there is so much information available on the web already. Even so, this new programming is a one stop shop for all of your health and wellness needs. It offers many unique services such as:

· Your own personal wellness coach
· 4 main health and wellness programs/courses:

  • Living Free – a smoking cessation program/course
  • Living Lean – a weight management program/course
  • Living Fit – a 90 day walking program
  • Living Easy – a stress management program/course

· Webinars on various health and wellness topics
· Health and Wellness assessment tools and trackers
· Telephonic counseling
· Legal counseling
· Financial counseling

All of the resources described above are not only helpful, but insightful and easily accessible. Please do not waste any more time and take advantage of the above assistance that is provided just for you. Remember, good health and wellness are not only to your benefit as a student, but to your family as well. Check out the website that Empire State College has dedicated to you and your health and wellness!

For additional information please contact the office of collegewide student services at 518-587-2100 extension 2255

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