Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems Ivan Ivanov Delivers Keynote at Symposium in Switzerland

By AmyRuth Tobol, associate dean, Long Island Center

August 31, 2012

Ivanov Ivan I. Ivanov , at left, associate professor of computer science and information systems at the Long Island Center, delivered the keynote speech at the Second International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software design in Geneva, Switzerland, July 4-6. According to Ivanov, the talk explored the impact of emerging technologies on the process of aligning organizational Information Technology (IT) architecture to the business strategy and emphasized the driving forces intertwining IT domain with business agility, growth and asset utilization.

The Business Modeling and Software Design (BMSD) Symposium at the University of Geneva is a specialized forum for researchers and practitioners who are interested in business modeling (business models and systems requirements, and business models and services) and the correlations to software design (business models and software; information systems architectures). In his lecture, “Aligning IT Architecture to the Business Strategy,” he will explore the impact of emerging technologies on the process of lining up organizational IT architecture to the business strategy.

“In today’s global economy, the technology and business domains are colliding forcefully than ever and new business models and growing prospects emerge,” he says. “The IT, and especially emerging technologies, profoundly changes how companies strategize their technology architectures and create value and business growth as a result of IT, both within specific industries, and through industry boundaries.”

Ivan I. Ivanov is an associate professor of computer science and information systems at Empire State College. He holds a Ph.D. in computers and networking technologies and an M.S. in computer engineering. He was a research fellow in leading universities in Great Britain, The Netherlands, France and Germany. Ivanov worked in joint European IT projects with partners from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece and Italy and in cooperation with worldwide technology leaders developing advanced technological infrastructure and information services at educational establishments in Bulgaria.

His scholarly work is built upon his wide range of competences within computer architecture, information-systems design, network services and information-technology management blended with proficiency in aligning technological solutions to organizational requirements and needs. His latest professional interest is in emerging computing models and the correlation between computing and technology innovations with business and society advance.

Ivanov works with students from diverse area of studies in emerging technology topics that reflect their educational plans and career opportunities. His undergraduate studies are in broad areas of computer architecture, data communications and networks, systems analysis and design, information security and policy and information technology for management. He has developed and teaches graduate courses in project management, management information systems and strategic IT management for the MBA program. He is an organizer and sponsor for the annual technology workshops at the Long Island Center, forums for Empire State College students to build up research, analytical, critical thinking and presentation skills, sharing best practice in technology topics as it relates to course projects and professional development with a select group of peers, college alumni and professionals.

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