Issue 43, September 21, 2012

Collegewide Election Education Event Set for Oct. 2

By Kameylah A. Hakim, assessment specialist, Niagara Frontier Center

The Student Affairs Committee is sponsoring a collegewide interactive forum for students, Vote 2012, Tuesday, Oct. 2, from 6 - 8 p.m. ... MORE

Empire State College Establishes New Music Club

By Jennifer M. Ward, student, School for Graduate Studies, Metropolitan Center-Manhattan Unit

Empire State College hosted a welcome mixer to introduce its new Music Industry Club Wednesday, June 6, from 6 – 8 p.m., at the Metropolitan Center - Manhattan Unit. ... MORE

The Student Connection’s Student Writer April Simmons Graduates From Empire State College

By Helen Edelman, manager, Exchange

April Simmons, at right, earned a B.S. in community and human services. She says, “I stand true to the belief that everything does happen for a reason. I say this because working at Empire State College is truly what developed and motivated my thirst for more knowledge and experience. As a young adult working at Empire State, I often found myself providing words of encouragement to students returning to school after years have passed. I found myself feeling their emotions and expressions as they walked through the doors of ESC eager, curious, nervous, but, above all, ready to embark on a new journey. ... MORE

CDL Connection Student Blog: Paralyzed Student Keith Gurgui Working Toward Bachelor's Degree

By Diana Hawkins, academic advisor, Center for Distance Learning

CDL Connection Student Blog: In August 2009, Keith Gurgui had a lot to be thankful for. Varsity Crew Team Captain. Kingston High School Graduate. Active lifeguard. Headed to Philadelphia University in the fall to begin his freshman year of college. To celebrate, Gurgui’s parents took him on vacation to Bethany Beach, Md. As he went for his final dive of the day, a rough ocean tide gripped Gurgui and changed his life forever. ... MORE

Van Arsdale Center Offering Residency Exploring "The Global Labor Movement" in Geneva, Switzerland in November

By Thomas Kerr, enrollment specialist, Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies

The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies is offering a mid-November week-long academic residency on "The Global Labor Movement" in Geneva, Switzerland. The November 2012 academic course offering will provide attendees a chance to meet with trade union representatives from around the world, as well as officers and staff of relevant Global Labor Federations (or GUFs) headquartered in Geneva. For more information contact Thomas Kerr, 646-230-1209 or email ... MORE

Day at the Races Draws More than 230 Alumni to Saratoga Race Course

By David Henahan, director of communications

More than 230 alumni attended the 2012 SUNY Empire State College Day at the races, a new record-setting level of participation in one of the college’s most popular events. (Chancellor Zimpher, in red, in the winners circle at the track.) Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher addressed the group, praising the college for its role in filling the education pipeline. ... MORE

New CDL Course: “Imagining Justice in Our Diverse World”

By Janet Shideler, associate dean, Center for Distance Learning

For anyone who has ever thought about the challenges—and solutions—for achieving justice in a world in which differences seem to divide people, a new online course, “Imagining Justice in Our Diverse World,” exploring this issue is being offered. ... MORE

Other News

Health and Wellness Initiative: Programming for Adult Students! by Stephanie Schiffer, research assistant, Office of Collegewide Student Services

New CDL Course: "Imagining Justice in Our Diverse World" by Janet Shideler, associate dean, Center for Distance Learning

Next Steps for New Graduates by Jennifer Ward, student, School for Graduate Studies, Metropolitan Center-Manhattan Unit

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The new online program for students called Living Lean is available at no additional charge. Visit the Student Wellness Assistance Program site to learn more.

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Meet Michael Alston, by Helen Edelman, manager, Exchange

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