The Student Connection’s Student Writer April Simmons Graduates From Empire State College

By Helen Edelman, manager, Exchange

September 21, 2012

April SimmonsApril Simmons, at right, earned a B.S. in community and human services. She says, “I stand true to the belief that everything does happen for a reason. I say this because working at Empire State College is truly what developed and motivated my thirst for more knowledge and experience. As a young adult working at Empire State, I often found myself providing words of encouragement to students returning to school after years have passed. I found myself feeling their emotions and expressions as they walked through the doors of ESC eager, curious, nervous, but, above all, ready to embark on a new journey. I decided that the year of 2009 was my year to explore the endless opportunities that await me. I decided that I felt more assured than ever before and that receiving a college degree was a milestone that I wanted to reach. After two dedicated years of taking four classes each semester, I am proud to say that I received my Bachelor of Science in two years, to be exact.”

She sums it up: “I did it!”

Simmons says she feels “more than blessed and more passionate than ever before toward the world of knowledge and opportunity.” She adds she is grateful to work in an environment where she is constantly learning and being motivated by the staff.

She concludes, “It feels amazing to work among encouraging individuals and those who genuinely want to see you excel. I thank everyone who has contributed to my success. For the duration of my time here, I look forward to being a blessing of encouragement to all students who might need an inch, foot or mile to get them going. I will continue to provide Empire State College with the very same service and support that it has provided for me.”

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