Empire State College Establishes New Music Club

By Jennifer M. Ward, student, School for Graduate Studies, Metropolitan Center-Manhattan Unit

September 21, 2012

Empire State College hosted a welcome mixer to introduce its new Music Industry Club Wednesday, June 6, from 6 – 8 p.m., at the Metropolitan Center - Manhattan Unit.

This lively event was held in the multi-purpose room on the third floor and featured students who sang or played an instrument. Afterward, the students were available to speak with members of the audience about the club and their performances.

If you are an aspiring musician interested in learning more about the music business, The Music Industry Club may be a good fit for you. The three main goals of The Music Industry Club are to educate students about the music industry, provide a networking foundation and showcase students’ music. By integrating these three aspects of the organization, the club creates a bridge between a musician’s passion and potential music career. Professor Justin Giordano, who teaches law and public policy, is working with The Music Industry Club.

The club and its events are open to all Empire State College students and fellow alumni. The showcase events are held inside the college, as well as in outside venues. This group typically meets a few times a month at the Metropolitan Center - Manhattan Unit and is planning to connect with other locations of the college during future meetings via video conference.

To find out information about joining the Music Industry Club, please email the club’s secretary, Christina Bernard, at christinambernard@gmail.com.

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