We Can Win

By Lauren Forte, student, Center for Distance Learning

March 12, 2013

Man has the power of rebuttal.

She says something sharp,

And he brings out a larger, more daggering knife.

A machete is more like it.

Her measly picker knife cannot compare.


Man has the power of showboating.

She brings forth an endearing comment,

And he comes forth with a gun.

Like a machine gun, he blasts away,

Leaving her to breathe in the dust.


Man has the ability to capture.

She tries wrapping her arms around a concept,

And he brings out a net made for a whale.

She tries to stretch out the orb,

But man uses his mouth as a way to vanquish her.


Women try climbing up the ladder.

We still kick and scream,

Letting the world know we ought to win.

Not that we can win.

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