Dream Chaser

By Kendra Rose, student, Hartsdale Unit

April 8, 2013

My eyes close but I can’t sleep due to distractions

Knowing I did my all and now I must do better than that

Never giving up because a fact is a fact

I must learn what I need to know in order to grow

Education, determination, patience they can all be the key

I am who I dream to be and that’s better than me

Who I am?

The Dream chaser

Negative thought replacer

When you tell me I can’t I’ll take your truth

Prove and show how I can make new rules

They told me my future was destined but I showed them what I choose

I bring the light to the darkness of all lies

Who can tell me that I can’t survive?

 If you thought I wasn’t going to achieve you had me mistaken

My dreams don’t stop playing and my mind is never complacent

This distant thought telling me to push forward, “Don’t stop, you have a lot of getting to be got”

My feet don’t stop moving my heart constantly pounding

Afraid to stop beating before I reach my peak

The educated and strong woman whom I dream to be

The pillar of my community the one who sets trends

I will be better than anyone can imagine.

As I drift off to sleep finally I can rest assured

I will be chasing my dreams for all my days forward.


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