Introducing Niagara Frontier Center’s First Club— CARES

By Elizabeth Locke ‘12, graduate student, School for Graduate Studies

April 25, 2013

CARES (College Achievement Requires Engaged Students) - SUNY ESC-Niagara Frontier CenterSUNY Empire State College Niagara Frontier Center students have created a club that focuses on student-driven engagement within an academic environment. It can be challenging and sometimes lonely to pursue higher education in non-traditional learning environments. College Achievement Requires Engaged Students! (CARES) was created to bring students together, celebrate diversity and strengthen mutual success.

With the help of faculty advisor Dr. Rhianna Rogers, the students behind CARES have learned a lot about founding a student club and have been welcomed and supported by the Niagara Frontier Center faculty and staff. At present, CARES functions as a combination of student government, student social club and student academic club, but in the works are long-term goals to break into other groups/clubs and expand the strength of the student communal voice into the college’s regional and statewide planning activities and initiatives.

About CARES:

  • Initial Objectives: To provide opportunities for students to meet and network; offer a variety of events for students (including community service, social and cultural); provide links to valuable resources that can enhance the college journey; provide a forum for students to share information and experiences that can help fellow students; and communicate various opportunities that are available to students attending Empire State College.
  • Mission Statement: Our mission is to promote and sustain a variety of educational and cultural experiences that will encourage student members to broaden their knowledge and create social interaction within our diverse student body.
  • Vision Statement: With positive energy we believe bringing together diverse individuals who are willing to share their various ideas and experiences will create an atmosphere of cohesion and provide opportunities for social interaction among our members. We will help bridge the gap between students who feel isolated from a traditional classroom atmosphere as we pursue our goal to achieve our higher-learning experience in a nontraditional manner. In our group, we believe that by networking, creating and participating in events and the promotion of diverse activities, we can promote the inclusiveness and energy that characterizes the Empire State College Niagara Frontier Center culture.
  • Officers: Maria Tripi, president; Iris Rivera, vice president; Vincent Caito, secretary; Richard Orcutt, treasurer; Elizabeth Locke, social media; Vanessa Rehac, I.T. admin.; Dr. Rhianna Rogers, advisor.

Although in its infancy, CARES is excited about the future of the club and encourages students to engage in person, on Facebook, at its website, or by attending a student meeting.

To learn more or to get involved, check officers’ contact emails on the CARES Facebook page.

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