By Anthony W. Haywood, student, Metropolitan Center-Manhattan Unit

April 25, 2013


Sometimes, I feel like maybe I lost my innocence since I aged on to the scene. Where did all my fire go, lost can of Adult Propylene. No more careless views of, skipping blues, eating truckloads of sweets, October 31st isn’t even Halloween. Playing tag with the opposite sex till I’m exhausted, now on my left hand there's a ring. Time paced so fast; I remember when I was the young Prince of Jubilation, now I have the accountability of a King. Like one day, long ago, hatched from an egg a young eagle, when time came I flew. I’m a guard and prisoner in one; I have to watch everything I do. Someone called responsibility hit me, yet he didn’t give a clue. Where did the stargazing days go, looking out curiously from my window sill? Paying debts like a room full of Williams, turning around in any direction won't help because everywhere there is a Bill. The time has arrived when every sickness surprises, and for every surprise there is a pill. Every hopeful letter to Santa shredded into security, and on my dresser now there is a will. No good news anywhere, I'm in a world deprived of Boo Boos, every news reported harmful act there is a kill. I think reality is cloudy; I might want to go back to the days when every day is sunny. Standing three foot 11, chest puffed up and nose a little runny. Now I'm so “no sense of humor” cold, I missed them joke-filled days when everything was funny. O’ those days dreaming of making it to kitchen table, now I dream only of making money. I'm mature now; there was a time when I was small, acting out, and all they wanted to do was take my toys from me. Life goes so fast, but I don’t expect any of your pity! Getting used to adulthood is the key aspect of Maturity.

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